Every time you need to rent a car, always compare car rentals first. Don’t stick to one rental outfit for no better reason that you are familiar with the way they do things. The conditions affecting the rates of rental companies are very volatile, depending on the current conditions in the market itself. If you are going to rent a car in dubai or you are renting a luxury car, you should be more alert while booking. For all, you know the last rate that was given to you, which at that time seemed reasonably low may, after a month, be considered as over-charging because the market value of the car itself has gone down.

This may happen because the sales of that specific type of car have deteriorated and some sellers are now putting up this model for rent. This will result in an oversupply of the model and should effectively put down its rental rate. People who don’t know that the sell-ability of a certain car can have effects on the price they are rented out for won’t complain if they get the same rate the next time around when it should have been lower. In dubai, you can rent high luxury cars like lamborghini, audi, bentley, mercedes, ferrari etc for special occasions by keeping in mind your budget. If you money is an issue for you then go with cheap car rental options like toyota, nissan, kia and suzuki.

Update Yourself With Market

If you are renting cars regularly it will be nice to update yourself regularly on the conditions in the market for the types of cars that you usually rent. This will prompt you to look for other sources if when you compare car rentals you discover your current supplier does not adapt its prices to the market. On the other hand, you could try asking for a discount based on what you know. That may be a good reason enough for you to get the car at a lower price than others are.

Carefully Analyze All The Rates

When you compare car rentals, you should note down on paper the specific conditions for each of your prospects. Carefully compare their regular rates with their discounted plans in order to find out if what you are being offered as a discounted rental is actually one. You have to inquire about additional charges. You need to know if these additional charges are built into the regular rates. If they are, by adding those miscellaneous fees to your discounted rate, you can verify if you are really paying less by availing of that package.

Understand The Contract and Agreement

You cannot effectively compare car rentals unless you read and understand everything written down in your agreement. There may be pending expenses which are carefully camouflaged behind legal jargon. You won’t be able to detect these unless you know something about contracts and legal language yourself. It is advisable to download or borrow a copy of the agreements issued by the separate companies and have a lawyer friend look over them. You might also inquire if you will be allowed to test drive the vehicle for about half a day.

Test Drive Before Traveling

Once you have decided on the car and the source you are getting the car from, make it a point to pick it up during the day and use that time to examine the car carefully for defects. If you need to, bring a car technician along. You should also test drive the vehicle for a few hours for more reassurance. All of this is in order that you can identify damages to the car which may be charged to you if you overlook them.


Car rental can be expensive unless you know some tricks that can land you the best car rental deals. It is always a best practice to compare the rates before finalizing the deal, it is important because you may get a better deal. There are some other ways to save money on car bookings. If you are not doing an emergency trip then always book your car in advance in order to get a cheap rent rate. This will also save you from the hassle of car renting at the airport. Most car rental companies take advantage when you go for same day booking once you land at the airport. Some luxury car rental dubai companies offer discounts on specific credit cards, so always use your credit while booking. There is also an added benefit of using credit for reservation is that if you find a better deal then you cancel the pre-existing booking.

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