ECU (engine control unit) refers to the computer of your car. It’s considered as the brain that calibrates how your car performs. From the speed, the power, the ride and so on. Its all handled by the ECU. There are many upgrades that people do in their cars from putting a turbo in it, add spoilers for more downforce and many many more. There are many ways for you to increase your car’s performance, and what most people don’t know is that they can get that even without buying or upgrading on the things mentioned above, it’s just in the hood all along.

Tuning refers to the act of upgrading the existing set up of a vehicle without changing too much in a vehicle. Usually, if it’s all about tuning, nothing will change too much as far as aesthetics are concerned. But in terms of performance, that is where the vehicle that was tuned will shine like ECU remapping. But why do you need to tune a vehicle anyway?

You should get your vehicle tuned: The thing that you need to know is that, when you buy your vehicle, it’s standard. Everything that they have all stock is standard and are made to make sure that you have a standard experience. Although that standard will vary from person to person and vehicle to vehicle, the fact is that the vehicle was tuned in the same way. If you bought the new 2020 Toyota supra, how it rides and performs are standard to every 2020 Toyota supra there is (as long as its the same trim). If you don’t have any specific needs and you’re happy with your setup then be contented, but if you’re a person that has some very specific skills, like you want your ride to be more responsive, you want your steering to be lighter and so on, aside from buying aftermarket upgrades, why not tune your car first?

Who are the people that choose to get their ECUs upgraded? There are many people that chooses to upgrade their ECUs. If your car is just for daily driving and for family use, you might want to reconsider getting it upgraded since there are some tweaks in the ECU that will result to increase in performance and will affect as to how your car will perform long term. The people that usually get their ECUS upgrades:

  • People that want to just have an all performance all stock units that can outperform other vehicles in its class
  • People that have very specific needs like lighter steering for drifting, heavier steering for drag racing and many many more
  • People that want to make their cars perform better based on what it’s set up on

If you want to get your car upgraded and you don’t want it to be obnoxiously loud or want to make it look fast, but fast, why not get your car tuned first? You will be surprised just how tuners are able to get out of your daily hauler.

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