One of the most common violations most people experience is speeding. It’s quite easy to get carried away with the speed, especially when you’re on the freeway. And that’s where most traffic enforcers are usually waiting with their speed guns. Other times, speeding can’t be helped, especially during emergencies. The sad thing is, some enforcers, won’t accept excuses. It’s not their fault, they are just doing their job. And the laws are there to guarantee that people driving will also be safe.

However, if speeding is something that can’t be avoided, there are several things that a driver can do. One is to be careful. And in order to not get caught, safety precautions should be installed. You can try to use anti-camera plate covers.

 What is an anti-camera plate cover?

Some might not have heard this specific thing. But there are others who are fond of using anti camera license plate cover. The main use for this would be to make sure that red light cameras and speed cameras can’t capture the license plate. The cover acts as a shield. The main material has a high-gloss finish that covers up the whole plate when subjected to sudden flashes from different cameras. Most materials are made of plastic and other durable options with the same finish.

Do these things really work?

If your job requires you to speed up or an emergency occurs, speeding can’t be avoided. It’s important to consider these things and prepare accordingly. This way, it won’t be inconvenient for you and you’re also avoiding any types of risks. Plate covers differ since there are other brands and types that might work better compared to some. So you need to properly scrutinize the options.

Other alternatives that might work:

  • Reflective sprays. These are easier to apply and there are numerous options available. Different variants and brands are currently present. Although it’s easier to apply, it can wash off sooner. The more it’s exposed to rain and the other elements, it’ll also be easier to wash off.
  • GPS apps. If you don’t want to do anything with your plate or you don’t want to cover it, there are GPS apps that tell you exactly where the speed checkpoints are. You can slow down to avoid hitting the limit.
  • Light sensors. These devices are tiny objects that can be attached on the plate which will help detect light and will send out a burst of light which will obstruct cameras from seeing the plates.


Are plate covers legal?

There’s no law saying that this isn’t something you should use. Just make sure that the plate is completely visible and you won’t surely run into any problems. It’ll also be good to have proper awareness of basic traffic laws and keep driving within the speed limits at all times. Speed up when it’s absolutely necessary.


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