Every car has primer on its surface along with a base coat of paint and a transparent coat which safeguards the paint from any external contaminants. A ceramic coating for cars is a protective layer which is applied to the surface of your car above the clear coat. In simple words, a ceramic coating functions as the second layer skin of the car’s surface. It uses nanotechnology which are small particles combined together to form a transparent layer which is never visible to naked eye.

The layer closes the pores of the paint of your car and produce high quality hydrophobic properties. They are also resistant to UV rays, dents, scratches, corrosion and extreme heat. The ceramic coat works like a semi-permanent coat on the surface of your vehicle which never gets washed away or goes off in a short period of time.

Is Ceramic coating recommended for your cars?

Yes, a ceramic coating is highly recommended for your vehicles. With paint correction done before the application, it enhances the shine of the car’s paint, resists ultraviolet rays and offers a protection layer which lasts for years.

The aim of ceramic coating is to secure your car from the daily use wear and tear in the best possible way. A ceramic paint coating doesn’t just exceed safety of a paint sealant but you can also remove the swirl marks with paint correction and return the ultimate shine of your car.

When you talk about paint protection, ceramic coating lowers the brake dust from sticking to the vehicle. The coating lasts more than wax and improves the finish of the car. A nano coating offers protection layer to the surface of your vehicle and offers complete UV protection.

The car paint is continuously attacked by sunlight and unpredictable nature, bird droppings, tree saps, bug splatter. Hence in order to protect the paint of your car and maintain the lustre of your vehicle, you should definitely go for ceramic coating.

Even poor washing of the car may damage its paint and create swirl marks or small scratches on its surface, something like spider web. Using a wax may help, but it doesn’t provide the level of protection needed to keep your car and plus it doesn’t last more than a few months.

This is where ceramic coating Edmonton comes into action. Going for ceramic coating for your car serves as paint coating.  However, one should pick a professional company for this task and not do it on your own. The coating majorly has silicon dioxide as its major ingredient. Once installed the coating bonds with the exterior of the vehicle and offers an extraordinary level of protection. It repels dirt and lowers swirl marks from taking place. It also lessens oxidation.

Ceramic coating makes your car paint look vibrant and gives the car the look as it was when brought from the showroom. If you are looking for ceramic coating Edmonton, then First Detailing Canada is your one-stop solution. Talk to them to get the details on ceramic coating

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