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When it comes time for you to ship your vehicle, you’ll have likely come across several options which can enhance your transport process. We have provided a list here of some of the most common shipping options available for shipping a car. These of course may be limited depending on the transport company, your budget requirements and the type of vehicle being shipped.

  • Open Trailer. This is the most common type of vehicle transport service available in which your car is on an open trailer and exposed to the elements.
  • Enclosed Transport.As the name suggests, with this shipping method, your automobile will be shipped in an enclosed trailer or container in order to protect the vehicle from any damage.
  • Door To Door Transport. With this service, your car will be shipped either directly to your door or as close as possible to your home if it is otherwise inaccessible to the carrier.
  • Terminal To Terminal.Another popular car shipping option is to drop off and pickup at a predetermined shipping terminal along with several other auto transports. This method is great because it reduces the total costs and fees involved as opposed to the door to door shipping option.
  • Expedited Delivery.Let’s face it, not everyone can afford to wait a few weeks out in advance for carrier availability. In this instance, customers are able to secure their transport and have it picked up in a matter of days as opposed to waiting several weeks trying to secure the best rate possible. This method is obviously more expensive but it gets the job done fast with little to no planning required on your part.
  • Single Car.This is where your vehicle is shipped alone, generally using an enclosed shipping container.

Shipping A Car: Open vs. Enclosed

Open trailer shipping is the most common and affordable car shipping option available. This transport option is definitely more affordable than your enclosed transport options but be aware that shipping on an open container exposes the vehicle to weather and the elements and is more susceptible to damages encountered while on the open road. We always recommend open transport for our customers concerned about costs and affordability. Enclosed trailer transport is the better option however if you want to provide the most protection to your vehicle as possible. The enclosed transport option is best suited to classic cars or luxury type vehicles.

Door to Door vs. Terminal to Terminal

If you happen to be a distance away from a shipping terminal or you are simply moving to a new home and want the least amount of hassle as possible, then door-to-door shipping is the way to go. The convenience of having your vehicle delivered right to your door is the reason for the additional costs involved. Now, if you decide to have your vehicle shipped to a terminal, it will undoubtedly save you money in the long run. The only issue is that these terminals can be pretty far away, sometimes 2 or more hours away actually depending on where you’re moving to. Be aware however that not every shipping carrier is capable of providing terminal-to-terminal shipping options.

How much does it cost to ship a car?

If you have been trying to figure out just how much it will cost to actually ship a car then read on. In 2022, the average costs involved to ship a vehicle average around the $1200 area. On one of the more popular shipping sites, Uship, they estimate that the average cost for transporting a vehicle is roughly $2.90 per mile if the distance is under 200 miles. The cost then drops down to around $0.78 per mile if the distance being traveled exceeds 1,000 miles. Remember though that car transport fees are often variable with many other factors that can influence the total costs involved.

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What can affect the price of car shipping?

Before you start reaching out to companies for different price quotes, it’s always a good idea to be aware of what can impact your shipping costs.

  • Distance being travelled. Car shipments travelling across the country tend to get the best rates per mile as opposed to a shorter distance trip. Cross country trips will of course be more expensive overall.
  • Type of transport. Open carrier transport will be the most affordable shipping option available as opposed to an enclosed shipment. Enclosed transports are definitely worth it though when you want to ship a valuable classic or luxury type vehicle and need the added protection and peace of mind. Door to door is another option but this also tends to be more expensive than if you were to opt for terminal to terminal shipping since you are getting a personalized service.
  • Time of year.Depending on the season and time of when you are shipping a vehicle can also affect your rates. Demand tends to be higher in January and the summer months which in turn means higher fees involved to ship during these times.
  • Competition.If you go with a marketplace style service to ship a car, this higher competition allows for bidding between the carriers which in turn means cheaper rates to ship your vehicle.
  • Fuel costs.The cost of fuel lately has been pretty high. This increase in fuel costs translates to increased car transport fees.
  • Operability.Is your vehicle in an operable state? Vehicles that are inoperable can still be transported, they just require more effort and resources to get the car loaded and secured making it slightly more expensive to get shipped.
  • Car Size. If you have a standard compact car, then no problem. If you are looking to ship a larger vehicle like an SUV or truck however, you can expect the fees to be higher as fewer vehicles can fit on the trailer. This will also apply to vehicles like ATV’s or larger recreation vehicles RV’s.
  • Hidden shipping costs.Your final shipping costs can change depending on the service fees, insurance coverage or changes in carrier pricing.

We Will Transport It: Affordable With The Best Availability

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