Volkswagen Tiguan

Among the latest crossover SUVs that got released for the 2019 year lineup, the VW Tiguan could secure a special place for itself by its simple offer to provide a spacious interior that would ensure comfortable ride. It didn’t speak about what else it is going to pack for the 2019 lineup, and that played the trick to key the curiosity in public, who took the initiative to check it out at their nearest Volkswagen car dealership showroom, and we were no exception.

As highlighted by Volkswagen itself, the 2019 lineup of Tiguan did ace in the competition of real-world utility test because of its highly comfortable interior with excellent outward visionand good infotainment system, a well-equipped package of active safety gear, while its performance even got covered in the list of virtues, that though stay somewhere  the middle order of the segment, didn’t disappoint any user whatsoever.

What is Special about the 2019 Edition Lineup

Volkswagen has already issued an extensive redesign for its flagship crossover SUV model Tiguan last year, and that was the reason for its apparently unchanged demeanor for the 2019 year lineup. Even the trim levels continued to be the same as the 2018 year which are available in names like S, SE, and SEL.

Volkswagen Tiguan

The Powertrain

The entire line up of the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan shows a standard front-wheel drive configuration while an all-wheel drive option is offered for them at a price. The powertrain options include a 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine rated at 184 horsepower that is given an 8-speed automatic transmission to relay the power to the assigned wheels. For those who have experienced a ride with the 2019 Tiguan say, that they enjoyed the overall soft movements, that never faltered in maintaining the composure even while driving through uneven, unpaved surfaces. For this they gave full credit to the 109.8-inch wheelbase and the responsive steering that was quick while being light weight. The drivers felt confident while sitting behind the wheels of the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan even on a curvy road.

The same powertrain fetched the 2019 VW Tiguan an EPA rating of 24 mpg for fuel efficiencyin a combined trip of city and highway driving when on the all-wheel drive versionsand this is a point where the users expect the automaker to put some effort and increase the numbers next time.

Comforting Interior Cabin

The spacious and comfortable interiors is the first strong selling point for the 2019 Volkswagen Tiguan. The cabin contributed largely for the comfortable rides of the Tiguan models, that everyone agreed upon. To describe it in short, we should start with the front seats that are both firm and cushioned at the right proportion to make the passengers stay out of fatigue even after long hours of drive. Coming to the second row two the Tiguan can boast of an excellent ingress and egress that is achieved because of a sliding bench.The third row too offers a reasonable space with a cargo room of 48.6 cubic feet.

Overall the 2019 lineup of the Volkswagen Tiguan had more to offer than the Bakersfield car dealer advertised, and that is the best thing we liked about the VW crossover SUV.

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