In order to turn the rear and frontal wheels of an automotive left and right a four-wheel system is needed. People usually get confused with the four-wheel drive and the four-wheel system. For the wheel, drives indicate that all the four wheels of the automotive are getting power from the engine. On the other hand, the four-wheel system means that a person can turn all the four wheels of the automotive with the help of a steering wheel. Each system has its advantages and disadvantages.The Phoenix Mazda dealership also supports four-wheel system and gives a clear idea of what the four system is all about.

Improved stability

If a driver wants a smooth and fun driving experience then a four-wheel system automotive is the best choice. The four-wheel system allows the driver to make the vehicle stable by allowing the driver a total control of the automotive. The four-wheel system is important when the driver wants to change lanes and make quick corners. The four-wheel system makes the automotive stay in stable mode irrespective of the weather conditions. For example, if the driver is driving is traveling through heavy winds the four-wheel system keeps the vehicle on the straight path.

Steering and lane changes

The worst nightmare of a driver is when the person can’t makes immediate turns with the help of a steering wheel. With the help of a four-wheel system, the driver can change lanes and pass people with ease and do these activities very efficiently. With the help of a stable steering system, the driver is allowed to make a quick change of paths during paths which are not supported in a two-wheel driving system.

Terrain performances

 If a driver typically drives on terrains like dirt roads, snowy roads, and wet roads then four-wheel system drive is an ideal choice. With help of this mechanism, the automotive would make the necessary changes and the driver and the passengers could prevent from getting stuck in these adverse conditions.

Smaller turns

 A four-wheel system drive is able to make small turns because the rear wheels can turn in a different direction than the front wheels. This makes maneuvering easier for the driver and cuts corners with ease without having to broad then turn far out.

Summing up

Though the four-wheel system drive is loaded with numerous advantages it faces some demerits too. The four-wheel system drive is prone to higher risk of malfunction. Since the mechanism is filled with electronic components and a malfunction in one of the component would result in the malfunction of the whole system. According to the reports of Phoenix Mazda dealers, the pricing of four-wheel system drive is expensive. The four-wheel system drive will cost a lot more money than a two-wheel system drive since manufacturing of the four-wheel drive is expensive. The mechanism involves electronic components which are sophisticated than a two-wheel system drive. Hence it is clear that though the four wheel system drive is a boon to the automotive society it also has its own demerits.

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