There’s no denying that proper trailer maintenance is essential. Not only does it help to increase the longevity of the unpowered vehicle, but it can also keep it from depreciating in value. More importantly, it can prevent it from becoming a safety hazard too. And while the process may appear to be daunting, the routine maintenance that a utility trailer requires is as simple as it is straightforward. To this end, here are a few maintenance tips to keep your trailer in tip-top shape.

Make it a habit to wash your trailer

Dirt, grime and salt may not be uncommon issues to deal with when it comes to any vehicle, but they all lead to the same outcome if left unchecked and untreated: corrosion. And trailers are not an exception to this rule. As such, it’s essential to make it a habit to give the trailer a thorough and proper cleaning whenever possible. Tedious as this might appear to be, a simple pressure washer paired with a non-caustic cleaner can do wonders not only for the aesthetic look of the trailer but its functionality as well.

One top tip is to focus on areas where build-ups can often occur such as the undercarriage, tyres and mud flaps, as well as other nooks and crannies.

Replace parts if needed

Depending on the age and quality of the trailer, it’s common for parts to get damaged or become shabby from use. And while it may appear to be more economical to refurbish worn out parts, it’s always good standard practice to replace them instead. After all, trailer parts such as couplings, tyres and the trailer jockey wheel are highly-specialised items, and you’re far more likely to do more damage to the vehicle by trying to repair broken parts rather than replacing them.

Take care of the tyres

From regularly checking the air-pressure and ensuring that there’s no dry rot, it’s essential to keep the tyres in good working order. If the tyres are too far gone, consider investing in a new set before using your trailer. After all, using worn out tyres will not only increase the likelihood of dealing with a flat, but it can also pose a danger to everyone on the road.

Lubrication is key

Friction is an unavoidable reality with all moving parts. To keep everything in good working order, it’s essential to keep the items adequately lubricated. A small investment in a grease gun or some WD-40 may appear to be unnecessary, but you’ll be surprised at how effective lubrication can be to extend the longevity of the parts.

Not unlike any other vehicle, trailers require regular maintenance to increase their longevity and allow them to function as they were intended. With these top tips, not only will you keep your trailer in good working order and increase its longevity, but you’re far more likely to get a higher resale value for it when the time to sell comes.

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