Houston Hyundai Dealership

Hyundai has been around for a while now. In addition to maintaining a competitive name in the automotive world, Hyundai has also been lauded for pioneering new technology and eco-friendly cars. If you’re looking for the best Houston Hyundai Dealerships, here are ten below that meet the criteria of being trustworthy, dependable, and, most importantly: affordable!

  1. Ira Jinkerson Hyundai

You may not recognize the name Ira Jinkerson Hyundai from your daily newspaper or TV channel. However, this award-winning Houston Hyundai dealership is infamous for its affordable prices (while still maintaining a high standard of quality) and stellar customer care. Their staff has over 120 years of combined experience and will happily help you find the best car.

  1. Milam Auto plex – South

The more experienced a sales rep is at a business, the better they know what the customers want and are looking for. That’s why Milam Auto plex – South is a perfect example of a Houston Hyundai dealership since their staff averages over 20 years of automotive experience. With this wealth of knowledge about Hyundai cars and the industry in general, you can rest assured that you’ll receive the best quality care at Milam Auto plex – South.

Houston Auto Dealers

  1. Michael Nguyen Motor Co.

It is one of the most established and reputable Houston Hyundai dealerships in Town, emphasizing “friendly, professional service. ” Since they are also a fully Certified Hyundai Dealership, they also have an in-house financing program that you can use to purchase a new or used car.

  1. Phoenix Hyundai – Midtown Houston Phoenix Hyundai

Midtown Houston is a newer dealership emphasizing their “excellent service, competitive prices, and no-haggle pricing.” Not only do they offer excellent services and competitive prices, but their staff is also amiable. You’re bound to feel like you’re at your friends’ house when buying your car from this dealership.

  1. Gulf Coast Hyundai – Atascocita

Atascocita is a newly made-up dealership but has already attracted some good customers who are fearless in making a bold statement. Their name may be unique, but they offer competitive prices and quality cars. Whatever you’re looking for in a vehicle, Gulf Coast Hyundai – Atascocita probably has it.

  1. JR’s Auto Sales

JR’s Auto Sales is one of the oldest and most trusted Houston Hyundai Dealerships with over 100 years of history. They’ve been serving their community ever since the 1920s with budget-friendly pricing, warranties, and excellent customer service.

  1. Hyundai of Sugar Land – West

If you’re a fan of the TV series, “The Big Bang Theory,” then you’ll love Hyundai of Sugar Land – West since they’re just like Sheldon Cooper. It’s all about intelligent fun! If you’re looking for great deals and an enjoyable experience with no haggle pricing, check out this dealership today!

  1. H-Town Hyundai – Spring Branch H-Town Hyundai

Spring Branch is a new dealership that wants to put its customers above everything else. You can tell they are well aware that sometimes buying a car can be stressful as there is usually a lot of pressure to buy the car your sales rep wants to sell. They are determined to change that with their reputation of customer satisfaction, small-town experience, and overall customer service.

  1. Carrol’s Auto Dealerships – Houston Carrol’s Auto Dealerships

Houston was an independent garage for decades until it was bought by a local oilman, who turned it into a successful dealership. Today the location is still used as an auto repair shop, but you can also find a new car at the exact location from their dealership!

  1. Bob Marmon Hyundai

Bob Marmon Hyundai has been around for decades serving the community and offering customer services like no other dealership in Houston. Whether you live in the suburbs, city, or rural area near Houston, Bob Marmon Hyundai has the customer service and online customer resources to get you off to a great start.


in conclusion, whether you’re shopping for a new car or need a car service, these Houston Hyundai Dealerships will give you the attention you deserve. These Houston Hyundai Dealerships stand out because of their friendly environment and exceptional customer service that sets them apart from other dealerships.

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