Now that you have bought your first VW campervan, it is time to convert it to a comfortable abode. Now converting a campervan is not everybody’s cup of tea as we might not have those excellent DIY skills. The main challenge is to start with the conversion process and soon you will get an idea about the entire project- to turn your dreams into reality. In this article, we have listed some tips that might be helpful for you in your VW campervan conversion journey.

Setting a budget

We understand that buying a campervan is a big financial decision. You have already spent a lot of money buying the vehicle and might not have enough left to carry out all the transformation tasks. So, the main thing here is to fix your VW conversions budget and make sure to maintain it throughout. If you want something luxurious, ensure that you have a high budget for that. Make a list of all the conversions that are essential and things that you wish to change. Think about the things you really need to convert the camper. It should be according to the number of people living in the van. Creating the storage accordingly is absolutely necessary.

Converting the interiors

Converting the interiors

You can choose from a wide range of interior ideas and layout options available for your campervan. You can customize your VW conversion to exactly the way you want and need it. The customization will include a cupboard, bed, places for electric appliances, etc. Try to maximize the space and opt for small space storage solutions for maximum benefits.

Creating the storage area

Good storage is the key to any camper conversion. It is essential that everything you need to lead a proper van life should be stored in your vehicle. And for that, it is essential that you have enough storage solutions designed smartly. Apart from your clothing and food items, the storage should also be capable of holding big things like pushchairs, car seats, your barbeque set, etc.

Arrange for insurance

It is crucial to arrange insurance for the conversion. Before getting the insurance go through all the terms and conditions. Also, see the number of times they allow you to complete the build-in. See if they are offering any breakdown cover. Compare all the available policies before you buy anything. Go for motorhome insurance so that you get better coverage at a lower price.


Converting your campervans is all about leading a comfortable and luxurious life of wheels. Many people are adapting to this lifestyle as it is quite an interesting concept. While some people live in campervans full time, others like to drive through beautiful locations in their campervans to spend their holidays. Whatever might be your choice, customizing it to meet your comfort and requirements is necessary.

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