The Most Common Types of Forklifts – What You Should Know

Whether you are someone new to the industrial transport system with no experience operating forklifts, a forklift operator looking to become certified on other lifts, or you work in a facility that uses forklifts but don’t really know too much about those machines you see zipping around, this is a handy guide to the different types of forklifts we see around us.

If you are looking to rent a forklift for a few days on some work you may have, you could try contacting a forklift rental in Singapore, if you are in the country. With a wide selection of styles and types to choose from, it can be difficult to know which is best for your environment. The following information will help you with that.

  1. Industrial reach forklift

The reach is often used for warehouse operations, which translates to indoor work. This type of forklift can reach beyond the machine and into the racking with ease using its forks and stabilizing legs. This system offers the forklift height that many other types of forklifts cannot achieve. The legs offer ample support therefore making any weight to counterbalance the lift unnecessary. 

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  1. Counterbalance forklift

This is perhaps the most common type of forklift. The lift will have forks at the front of the machine and is designed with a weight in the back to offset the balance of the load on the front when the forklift is in operation. The lift is fairly simple to use, since it has no extended arms and therefore you can drive right up to the load or racking.

  1. Telescopic handler forklift

This kind of forklift is ideal for agriculture use, and other types of work that require high lifting. They offer many features that make them useful in a wide range of situations. In fact, they are so widely operated that they are considered small cranes, rather than forklift trucks. Telescopic handlers have an additional advantage of a single telescopic boom that allows the trucks to become much more powerful than normal forklifts. 

  1. Rough terrain forklifts

Outdoor construction, especially on difficult terrain, can be a challenge for any construction firm. Forklifts specially designed for operating on such terrain come to the rescue. It has inflatable tires with thicker threads, allowing stability on uneven ground, as well as a more powerful engine so it can reach higher speeds and have better durability.

  1. Dockstocker lift

A dockstocker forklift allows the operator to either sit down or stand up when using the machine. It offers more flexibility in terms of how comfortable the operator can be.

For temporary purposes, you can try renting a forklift from a forklift rental in Singapore.

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