alloy ute trays brisbane

Ute trays and tool boxes help create more space in trucks. Many ute accessories on the market can be installed anywhere on the car without changing their original design or purpose. You can place excess equipment and first aid items in the excess space created by these accessories. Wherever there is free space in the truck, these accessories can be built in and create additional luggage space. They’re neat, and you can buy them in colors and shapes that will match your car, so it doesn’t look like you’ve put some storage accessories in.

The elements used to create these accessories are galvanized and powder coated.

There are also drawers on the market that can be placed between the tray floor and chassis rails. Designed to hold them in place and protect them from impact, these accessories come with attachment points and rubber mats.

There are several types of Ute tool trays and boxes. For everyday work, you may have steel trays. These are modular and durable mild steel trays built for everyday use. In addition, you can purchase durable aluminum trays, the edge of which is welded and galvanized for strength. These trays are light, and their development is good.

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If you need, you can also get a canopy and tray combination. Alloy ute trays Brisbane carry massive loads, but if the products are of a type that can be affected by the weather, they must be covered. In such cases, a tray with a canopy is suitable. These pavilions are also exceptionally high class and efficient. They are made for all car models. With these canopies over Ute trays, you can be free from the stress of transporting your products safely over long distances.

In tool boxes, you also have various shapes and sizes. They are handy for storing hundreds of items in proper secure order as they are fully sealed and come with a padlock. They can be fixed under the car body or the pallet, or on top of the pallet. In addition, there are drawers for tools on the market that can be very conveniently installed under the tray floor between the chassis rails.


In addition to Ute trays and toolboxes, you have a wide range of Ute accessories that do many other things, such as creating extra cargo space, protecting windows and taillights, freeing space for spare wheels, etc. Removable truck ladder, cab extensions, stainless steel pipes, tipping kits, steel, and aluminum movable side kits, rear lights and their surroundings, different color tones for accessories, rubber mats, attachment points, and roof rails.

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