used trucks for sale in Raleigh

If you want to buy a used-car follow these simple steps in determining if it has experienced an accident or not.

It is always a tricky proposition if you decide to buy a used car regardless if it is a sedan, a truck, a sports utility vehicle (SUV), or a luxury car , because finding the right one always boils down to depend on what the previous owner promises to you and take their word for it, except if you dissect the car yourself then you will find out whether or not the previous owner is telling the truth.

With that being said, there are signs that you can tell if that car has already been in an accident or not and this is very crucial or rather very important for you to know before you decide to get lured into the deceits of its previous owner in buying that particular used car.

According to a trusted dealership of used trucks for sale in Raleigh, there are a lot of car owners that do not fully divulge or written down the history report of the cars that they turn over to dealerships which result in costly maintenance, frequent repairs, or maybe untimely accidents that is why you should look for the signs that tell you that a car has been in an accident before.

Listed down below are the tell-tale signs that a car previously had an accident.

1.       UNEVEN PAINT JOB- Knowing that a car is constantly exposed to a lot of elements, in the long run, its paint will inevitably wear out, but if you notice something that has a brighter and newer look from the rest of the car or truck’s paint job, this could be a sign that it sustained a dent or a damaged that scratches off the paint before that it needs to be repainted to make it look normal again.

2.       RANDOMLY PLACED BITS OF PAINT- If you notice some hinges on its trunk which has a different color of the rest of the car, this can be an indication that it was previously damaged before and has been replaced and has undergone repainting to make it look normal again.

used trucks for sale in Raleigh

3.       MISALIGNMENT AND GAPS IN PANELS- In case you do not know, a vehicle’s panels are shaped and sloped with accurate measurements to make it consistent and even the entire time, and if you notice that if the panels have gaps or have different position in terms of its width or a misalignment, yet again, this is a tell-tale sign that it underwent extensive work or repair because of an accident.

4.       AIRBAG PANELS WITH DIFFERENT COLOR- Ninety-nine percent of cars that have a different color and wear of its airbag panels that does not match its interiors was crashed before. We all know that airbags deploy right at the nick of time when a car crashes, and if you notice this kind of anomaly, chances are that the car had crashed before and the used airbag panels were replaced with a brand-new set but has a different color.

5.       RANDOM WELDING MARKS- This might be a sign that a car has been severely damaged before because it came to an extent that it was needed to be welded to bring back its original form. If you spot any welded marks that are too random to be there, especially its machine and under chassis, you should ask the previous owner for a history report because chances are that it was figured in an accident before.

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