250cc Scooter

Scooters or Mopeds are the go-to modes of transportation especially in the third world or developing countries. In developing countries where cars are very hard to acquire because of steep prices, moped or scooters dominate the roads. Safety concerns aside, which is largely dependent on the operator anyway, what are the advantages that motorcycles offer as a mode of transportation? 


    This is totally dependent on engine displacement, a 50cc moped will get you on 100 miles per gallon, about 5 times the average consumption of a car. Even a 250cc scooter will beat any cars fuel consumption. Scooters are cheap to run and Mopeds even more so. They are cheap and sturdy vehicles that can take a lot of punishment and can handle practically any urban terrain.

Highly Mobile

    Scooters get you to access the open road without the expenses of acquiring and getting a car. You do not need to register mopeds that are less than 50cc for an engine displacement. However you need a license to operate. This rule may vary from place to place but in general, there is no need for vehicle registration.

Super Easy Operation

     Modern scooters are very easy to operate. Most have a twist and go automatic gearbox. Just turn on the ignition and you are ready to go. However, it is a very good idea to attend and complete some sort of training or a seminar on motorcycle safety. This would give you an idea on safety equipment to wear when enjoying your ride.



      A bike or scooter can weave in and out of traffic faster than any car. Saving you thousands of petrol costs that would have been lost idling waiting for traffic to abate. Having a small footprint, a bike can easily get in between cars and just zoom through traffic as if it wasn’t even happening.


     Scooters and bikes take up significantly less space than cars. Parking is often free or paid at a very low cost compared to cars. You do not have to wait for any space to free up as there would be lots available for a scooter to park on. You do have to have extra security measures for your scooter security but there are a lot of available modern and strong locks to secure it.


     Insurance costs are way lower than 4 wheeled vehicles, but you do have to take extra precautions to be safe on the road.

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