The Volkswagen is a pop culture icon with many memorable models on the market. The Beetle, who is most recent model came rose to popularity upon its release in the early 2000’s after the discontinuation of the model, rose to fame after several appearances in popular movies. Jetta’s, Hatchbacks and other Volkswagens are a popular purchase and they come with a pro and cons list that will help you make your final decision.

If you are looking for a family car you will find that the Hatchback Volkswagen is a great choice. Hatchbacks are more spacious than Sedans and have a great resale value. This will help you save money, take care of business and drive your family around comfortably. The comfort, space, and safety that you receive after purchasing a Hatchback is well worth the cost.

Every car has its cons, even our trusty Volkswagens. Sadly, The Hatchback Volkswagen doesnot offer all-wheel- drive, making it difficult for people in snowy climates to drive during thecoldest months of the year. With the cars many safety features it is lacking a very important one.While this feature is missing, there is very little else that takes away from the many pros that willhave you behind the wheel. It is easy to overlook this con when The Hatchback Volkswagen isfull of many positives.

Top-notch safety features, spacious, and an attractive price is what keeps people purchasing Volkswagen. The Jetta has many reasons to be admired. It is a family-friendly car with manymodels that will fit into any time in your life. The Jetta has impressive fuel savings, is spaciousand runs smoothly. These attractive features far outweigh the absence of all-wheel- drive.

A simple car lacking in high-tech, the Volkswagen Beetle is not for everyone. It is a compact car perfect for first-time drivers but isn’t the best pick for a family. It is an affordable purchase so if you are looking to buy a new car without breaking the bank, the Beetle might be able to help you. If you are purchasing new parts for your car, they are affordable as well. Insurance is far more affordable for the Volkswagen Beetle too, making these the money saving cars that you can trust.

The Volkswagen Beetle is a fun car to have but it lacks the luxuries that modern cars are equipped with. If you find yourself driving in the rain you may find that your vehicle has become rusty. This is a common occurrence for Volkswagen Beetles.They are beautiful cars but they can be high-maintenance due to the way they are made.

Regardless of what Volkswagen car you are taking out on the open road, there are going to be pros and cons to your purchase. The most important thing to consider first is your budget. Also consider what you want, the neighborhood, and how often you will be driving.There aren’t many cons to stop you from purchasing the Volkswagen of your choice, but there are many personal things to consider before choosing the Volkswagen that you want to take home. Your pros and cons list may vary. This can depend on a number of things, including your place of residence, how much and where you’ll be driving and the size of your family. The Volkswagen is a good choice so what model will you be choosing?

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