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There are many reasons to chose Maxxis tyres as your number one choice as you search flra new tyre for your vehicle. They are versatile and competitive enough to work with any of the car models in the market including luxurious and heavy duty carriers.

Maxxis are also a great choice for Toyota, Honda, Mercedes, Porsche and Lamborghini vehicles. There are many sumptuous offers of these products from Dubaityreshop that are sure to leave both new and old customers reeling.

With its strong rubber and long lasting texture, Maxxis tyres are also a great choice for folks looking for speed, comfort and reliability when driving around the city and beyond. They are also used for larger vehicles that demands heavier load bearings.

Mastercraft Tyres

There is an available team of expert personnels at your service to provide you with all the necessary informations on getting a tyre today.

Let’s look at some of the major reasons why Maxxis tyres should be one of your options next time. Shall we?


The quality of technological advancement of Maxxis company is evident from their tyre products. Their designs are unique and the treadings are constructed with attention to detail. Due to the evolution of technology in the world today, Maxxim tyres have reinvented their ideas in creating maximum comfort and satisfaction for buyers. A test will surely be convincing enough.

Worth every penny

Simply put, Maxxim tyre products are definitely worth every ounce of your budget. Customers feel confident paying for a tryre that has all it takes to change your driving lifestyle. These products are one of the very few brands that combine quality and durability in a remarkable way.


As mentioned earlier, Maxxis tires are known for safety at all fronts. On the road, they are smooth, quiet and powerful enough to keep you and your company safe. They are also environmentally friendly and can go a long way in contributing to a healthier environment due to the way it operates.

As the city lif continues to be affected by environmental pollution, this is certainly a welcome idea.


Maxxis tires have the best technical team around and has garnerd a lot of success and praises for what they do. They have won numerous awards internationally for great tire making ideas too

There products are fast-growing in both demand and efficiency. Dubai tyre shop in Sharjah, Ajman, Abu Dhabi and Al Quoz where customers can walk in with their heads high. There is free fitting services available as well as taut information and guidance is maintaining your tyre and vehicle.


For more information on contacting Dubaityreshop today, the numbers below are available for further enquires on specifications, purchase and every other thing you need.

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