Maintenance Tips for Hybrid Vehicles

For those who care a bit about the environment, at this eleventh hour of global warming and scarcity of natural resources, hybrid vehicles have appeared as a boon. People who still hesitate to depend on fully electric vehicles and find using the regular gasoline cars to be endearing, prefer the hybrid segment as an ideal mid-way solution to both. But as the name suggests, the mechanism of a hybrid car is much more complicated than that of regular gasoline cars and EV models.

During our purchase of a Chevrolet Malibu Hybrid trim from the Church Hill Chevrolet dealer, the sales team with whom we discussed about its good health suggested us the following tips, that we found accurate so far, as our Chevrolet Malibu is running fine till now even after a couple of years of its purchase. That was reason enough to share the same with you, whoever owns a Chevrolet hybrid.

Checking the Engine

A hybrid carengine is powered both by fuel and electric. Maintaining a hybrid car will resemble a lot with regular cars as well as electric vehicles. Hence, the maintenance of such hybrid vehicles will include all the routine jobs, like checking the engine oil, as well as checking the battery. As run by both fuel andelectricity, the engine of a hybrid car is most likely to live longer than the regular gasoline cars.​

Maintaining the Battery

As a hybrid car is equally dependent on the pack of batteries to keep running on the road, one of the major maintenance task for these vehicles will be focused on the batteries. The batteries in a hybrid car will demand some extra attention especially if you live in cold weather as the hybrid cars are in their best shape when the climate is moderately warm, but not extremely hot as well.

Maintenance Tips for Hybrid Vehicles

Cold weather usually affects the charge of the batteries as well. So you need to make sure to keep it charged and never allow to get drained out. The life of the battery in a hybrid car is fairly proportionate to the life of the car itself which should be sound till about ten years. To make good use of this time span, you need to keep it clean, while all the other components that can affect the battery should also be taken care of, like the electrical system, the charging system, the battery caps and the like.

Do Take Good Care of the Tires

Good tires serve the car with more life of its components that will include the engine, the transmission, the brakeand even the steering. To enjoy the maximum  benefits of owning a hybrid car needsto have rightly fitted, rightly inflated and perfectly aligned tires that will not make the other components struggle to make them move and lead towards early wear and tear of all those components.

Follow a StrictMaintenance Schedule

As rightly suggested by an experienced mechanic from the Church Hill Chevrolet dealership, one of the most proven ways to prolong the lifespan of your hybrid car, is to follow a strict schedule of maintenance from a reputable service center.

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