Make your Car Look New

Who doesn’t wish his recently bought used car to look new? But many can be jittery to spend a good amount of money to make the car look nicer. Hence, an experienced staff of the Urbandale used car dealer adds that it isn’t advisable either to break all your savings just to bring back the excitement of driving a new car. But at the same time he assures, that by saying that he doesn’t mean to indicate that your existing used car can’t be given a good makeover, if it is driving just fine. The best part of such upgrades is that, it won’t cost much, but at the same time, you can enjoy the freshness of driving a new car. Here’s how:

You Can Even Try It Yourself

To save that extra few bucks, you can even try these tricks all by yourself, instead of hiring a professional, if you can invest your free time and effort. So not worry, they won’t be that grinding either.

Tips for Washing

By adding a few more steps to the car washing process can bring a sea change in its appearance. If you know a little bit of waxing method after giving your car a thorough washand dryit the proper way, it can really bring out its original color and shine. Taking a step even further by using clay before waxingwill work easier for you to clean the spots that are adamantly dirty.

Make your Car Look New

Once you make the car paint shine, you can now work upon polishing up the hubcaps, and then start working on the wheels and tires to make them look great. In the process, do not forget to treat the headlights and wipers well. And finally you can make use of yesterday’s newspaper to clean the windshield speak and span.

Doing the Interior

The part that gets worst affected by age and regular usage, is the interior cabin of your car. Your car won’t look new again, unless you freshen up the inner space. For that, here are a few detailing tips.

Make good use of your car vacuum cleaner. Use it first on the vertical body panels and dashboard. Continue to clean up the seats thoroughly and then come down on the floor to clean all the dust and debris it has accumulated so far.Make your Car Look New

Clean the windows and windshield at the first level with the vacuum to remove the dry dust. Complete the cleaning process with the help of respective cleaning solutions for different surface materials like leather, plastic, wood and glass.

Affordable Car Upgrades

A team of mechanics we met at a famous used car dealer serving Urbandale finally rounded up the conversation with the concluding fact, that if you are ready to invest in a few bucks, you can invest in some affordable items to upgrade the overall appearance of your car, both inside and out.

You can get some bodywork done on the car body to make it look like new, invest on an exterior sticker. For the interior, you can either change the upholstery or get affordable seat covers, steering wheel cover and many more niceties that are available at low cost at the stores of car accessories.

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