A car that is maintained will always look fine when compared to the one that has been scratched and chipped over the years.

There are people who are just obsessed with their cars. For instance, they go the extra mile by parking it a spot away from where they are supposed to just to ensure other car owners don’t open their doors into theirs.

But, as it turns out, people of these also make the same basic mistakes when they are trying to maintain its brand new swag.

While everyone is giving you their opinions on what things you should do, we are going to tell you about the things you SHOULD NOT do.

1. Getting your car washed by swirling brushes

Keep in mind that those are called ‘swirling’ brushes and that’s what they do – swirl your paint – well, your car’s paint. You may not take a note of it at first, but you end up putting those swirl marks on your car when you take it to an automated car wash centre.

These swirling brushes are rarely cleaned and because of this reason, they have a lot of debris, dirt and grit in its bristles. So, when your car is getting washed by these brushes everything that is contained within gets brushed across your car paint.

Though some car wash centres use synthetic brushes which resist debris and dirt, still, they are not that good at protecting your car’s paint.

2. Getting your car dried by car wash attendants

If the attendants are drying your car using towels after it went through a car wash, it might be as bad as those swirling brushes mentioned above. This is solely because there is a probability that those towels used for drying your car haven’t been washed.

Getting your car dried by a dirty towel brings old dust and debris back to your car’s paint. Feels disgusting, right?

3. Leaving bird droppings on till the next wash

After humans, if there are creatures who are blessed with an evil sense of humour it might be birds. Seriously, they just don’t give a damn about how far you park your car from a tree, one little prick will fly over and literally give a shit – on your car. The chances of this happening increases when you have recently washed your car. The fresh your car looks, the more attractive it becomes for birds to shit on.

These bird droppings consist acid that is capable of ruining a car paint. Under direct sunlight, the situation gets even worse.

Therefore, it is best if you wash bird droppings as soon as you spot them. The longer it lingers on your car, the more damage your car paint suffers.

4. Not washing your car just because someone said, “It’s going to get dirty again”

If you wash your car and make it shine, there are chances that it will rain, get splashed by another car, get pissed on by a dog and so on. No matter how much you clean it up, it is bound to get dirty in the next five minutes or an hour later.

Nonetheless, the longer that dirt and mud lingers, the more damage it causes to your car paint. So, cleaning it, even after knowing it is going to get dirty again, is a good practice.

5. Finding a parking spot near an industrial area or a freeway

It is really difficult to find a great parking spot, but no matter how comfortable the space looks near an industrial area, railway line or a freeway, do not let the temptation get the best of you.

You may have noticed that swirl marks are hard to miss on dark coloured cars while the dust and rain deposits are spotted easily on light coloured ones. What looks like a few tiny flecks of rust in your car’s paint are actually microscopic metal pieces and other particles present in the atmosphere by industrial work and train brakes.

If you neglect them, they will continue to sit and bloom into visible rust spots. If you are vigilant, you can get rid of them by simply wiping them off. But if they are stuck for a longer period, you may need a clay bar or an acid wash to remove them.

One more way you can preserve the precious paint of your car is by getting it wrapped from a car wrapping service provider. We hope the above-shared tips help you keep your car as brand new as they were when you bought it.

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