There is nothing that makes a man look quite as manly as being able to service a car. There is something extremely assuring and attractive about a man who knows his way around under the hood of a car. It speaks of a person who is able to protect and provide and a person who is able to make solutions and to survive in adverse conditions. Increasingly though the art of car maintenance and servicing is being lost. This is partly due to the fact modern vehicles are now very tricky to service with their computerized parts and partly due to the fact that in our fast-faced world it is simply easier to take the car to the garage to be sorted. With this in mind here are a few simple tricks to make any man look as though he knows what he is doing.

Use the internet

Just because you have never done a job before doesn’t mean that it cannot be done. A great example of this is servicing or switching out the clutch on your car. Sounds tricky but it actually isn’t. have a little look at YouTube for a tutorial on how this is done, and once complete, run a Google search for something like ‘Chevrolet Corvette clutch kit’. The first is a tutorial on how to do the job, the second will point you in the direction of where to get the part. Thereafter it is all rather easy.

Go under the hood

No matter how fancy and computerised your vehicle may be, make sure that you at least know your way around under the hood. Nothing could be more embarrassing than not being able to open the bonnet for a start, so make sure that you know how to work the catch. Then spend time familiarising yourself with the basic components. Where are the spark plugs, is there a carburettor or does it have injection? Where does the oil go? Can you find the dipstick? Which water is for the radiator and which for the windscreen? Simple questions and ones that you must be able to answer if you ever want to have any credibility.


If you don’t know how to change acar tyre, then you need to make a plan very quickly. Find somebody who knows how to perform this act and get them in for a tutorial. It is a very easy process that requires little more than a jack and some manual labour. Surprisingly though, a recent survey suggested that over half the world’s drivers did not know how to change a tyre or had never tried. This is an astounding statistic and one that you definitely want to be on the right side of. It is every princesses’ dream to be rescued by a knight in shining armour – so make sure that when you come across a princess stranded at the side of the road with a flat tyre, that you are pulling over to help her. She won’t be overly impressed if you just stop to keep her company until the real prince arrives in his tow truck.

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