Traction control is one of the car safety features that works towards preventing the wheels from spinning down on surfaces with lower grip. The Electric sensors in a car is what is needed for this system to work.

Today the latest vehicles come with multiple electrical sensors and solenoids to monitor the transmission output, wheel speed and other factors that play important roles in controlling the engine power application allotted to individual wheels and additionally to the suspension systems. The motif is to reduce the probability of spins of the tires.Simultaneously it aims to increase the driving stability while driving through poor weather conditionsby reducing the chances of skidding or spinning of the tyres. Though any traction control system aims to do the same, the automotive manufacturers today approach the designing of this feature in a unique way to suit the type and the performance capacity of their vehicle.

As shared by the Genesis dealer in New Jersey, here is a brief description of a few common tractions control systems and their way of working to keep the vehicle stable in every driving condition.

Hondata Traction Control System for Hyundai Genesis

The Hondata Traction Control System is ideally made for cars like Hyundai Genesis and it works best for monitoring the ABS wheel speed sensors. It cuts short the power output right from the engine just for a fraction of a second bring more traction to it and to accelerate faster.

Features of Hondata Traction Control System

The module is fully programmable with the support of wheel speed sensor inputs that can adjust the output to the ECU.

There is a button to set the calibration of the wheel speed sensor

There is a dedicated setup for the Drive axle

There is distinctive support for the different wheel and tire setups

It is able to work both on Rear Wheel Drive and FWD Front Wheel Drive cars

The Settings is ideal to target an optimized slip when the car is cornering

Compatible with sensors like hall effect, inductive and active ones

Is able to target and adjust wheel slip on the fly

Can log the wheel speed sensor errors and monitor every live data

As explained by the New Jersey Genesis dealer the Hondata Traction Control System is crafted specially to work with two-wheel speed sensors and it is ideal for those who are looking for something simple, and has a desire to achieve the best results while drag racing. For those who want to unleash the full potential from the car and also the traction control system, then using a 4-wheel speed sensor would be a better choice. As this system is an expert in making on-the-fly adjustments through the dash mounted switch, it becomes easier for the end user to install and use Hondata. Moreover, Hondata gives the option to use the factory sensors already installed on the car! The Hondata Traction Control System has a lot of capability to interpret accurately all the readings from the hall effect, inductive, and active wheel speed sensors.

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