Car Maintenance Schedule

The advice of following a strict car maintenance schedule and getting the car oil changed in every 3,000 miles has been going on since ages. Some alternatively suggest getting it changed after 7,500 miles or after crossing the first three months of ownership.But along with these suggestions parallel goes the debate among experts, about how frequent should actually be the service schedules, or from the other end, how long can the intervals between schedules be stretched.The debate doesn’t end here. Questions keep popping up whether these schedules should be based on mere time span or after crossing a certain mileage, and then, how to quantify them?

The Reason Behind the Debate

The fact that there are so differing opinions regarding the car maintenance schedule has some really viable reasons behind that are best explained by the experts we spoke to at the Orlando Hyundai dealer showroom.

The first among them is that, there is no straightforward answer to the question pulled up here. This is because every vehicle sustains a certain amount of wear and tear, depending upon the usage ratio of certain components used in comparison to others like oil, air filters, brakes, accelerators, tires, wipers, etc. Among these while some of the components canget worn out with use, others can wear off because they are directly related to the functionalities of the other. For example, each time the brakes are applied, it gets a step nearer to the requirement of getting new pads and next to them, the rotors.

On the contrary, there are some components that actually start malfunctioning when they are used less. the best examples of such components are the car batteries, engine, tires. If you are making your car travel lesser than 10 miles a day, they are most likely to experience engine related issues or an unresponsive transmission struggling to get the operating temperature. A car battery left idle for months will automatically get discharged and will be shortening its life span.

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Which Car Maintenance Schedule Is Ideal to Follow

If you have been using cars for many years, you must have heard about the common complaint raised about the mechanics that they urge for unnecessary maintenance. But it cannot be logically true. Rather a regular maintenance will help the car owners by preventing their cars from getting major service issues on the road. But it will increase the work load for the mechanics and won’t give them any special profit, as mostly these maintenance services are covered either by the manufacturers or the insurer. But if your car suffers a major damage, there are chances for them to quote much higher a price for the repair, that can gain them some good amount of money.

A key to choose the ideal maintenance schedule is the one firstly recommended by the manufacturer and henceforth from the service center with whom you have already had a good experience last time.

The Verdict

What every expert of the Orlando Hyundai dealership unanimously agreed to is that, following a strict maintenance schedule is always important to keep a vehicle in good shape.

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