The vehicles’ fuel efficiency is not only beneficial for you but for and your light weighted pocket but also for the betterment of the environment, for which you may not actually have to switch your vehicle for a hybrid one either, all you need is a little information and a heads up. Vehicle maintenance is one of the most important chores you have if you own a vehicle although none of us happen to follow a schedule regardless. Actually, to all of our surprise, it was found out that a vehicles which is properly maintained with a schedule, there is a 30% less fuel consumption chance. With that being said, let us move on to how to improve the efficiency.

Tire pressure

Tire health is extremely important since the vehicle stands upon it, if not taken good care of, the rolling resistance can increase. A good tire is checked off it’s tire pressure about once a month at the least. An under inflated tire tends to burn more fuel, by a 5% to be exact.

Vehicle Idling

A vehicle left to idle for more than a minute can have huge effects on their fuel efficiency because this act is able to consume approximately either a half a gallon or a full gallon of fuel every hour. However the modern engine is more efficient in consuming less fuel during the act of restarting the engine rather than idling.Additionally, if you wish to warm up your engine naturally, you should just take the vehicle for a drive rather than idling.

Carry less load

Yes, believe it or not, this is yet another way to efficiently utilize your fuel consumption and emissions as well. Make a proper list of what you might need on a journey and what is absolutely unnecessary. Carrying extra loads will only bring you down in this compartment. For example, an extra 100 pounds on your vehicle will be reducing your vehicle’s fuel economy by a solid 1 – 2%.

Steady driving

Driving in a steady way, will avoid the excess of fuel consumption because continuous speeding up and slowing down consumes extra fuel. It also tends to avoid tailgating. Not to mention how unsafe the act can be.

Cruise Control

Using the cruise control can help you preserve about 6% of the fuel consumption, especially wjile on the highway.

Do not revive the engine

Reviving the engine is a bad choice, especially once when the engine has been switched off completely. This act is absolutely unnecessary because it causes the wastage of fuels as the oil washes down from the cylinder wall on the inside. This is harmful for the upcoming start up, the walls of the cylinder will dry out instead.


Another efficient way to minimize the fuel consumption is by the use of RaceME.  RaceME is performance tuner for dodge ram 6.7 cummins only. It improves performance, reduces fuel consumption, extends engine life, and does not warrant installation. With the help of this, you can even cause a dpf delete 6.7 cummins in a case of an EMP, which would be the destruction of almost all of our electronic devices. This can be carried out of engines which combust g=hydraulic oil, transformer oil, vegetable oils and even the old engine filtered oil, in case if the dpf is removed.

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