The industry of automotive has walked a long way since its commencement, and in the last few years, the technology has taken a bigger leap after joining hands with the digitization and internet connectivity. Today, a vehicle isn’t merely a mode of transport that offers you physical comfort and luxury, but also entertains your mind on the go. The modern infotainment system installed in the newly released car has now become an integral part of the road journeys, without which the current generation drivers and passengers can’t even think about taking a drive. But how advantageous are these latest infotainment systems? Do they have any ill effects as well? In this article we’ll make an attempt to find out the truth.

As rightly analyzed by one of the auto experts of the Burley Chevrolet dealership, even though the advanced car infotainment systems are made to increase the level of safety by alerting the driver with all the relevant information, they can be pretty distracting if not used properly.

LCD-Touch Screens

Most of the latest infotainment systems are consisted of an LCD Touch Screen Display that provides all the relevant information to the driver to make the drive an easier game. With a wealth of information, with the touch of a button on the screen, but at the same time, it also has a strong potential to distract the eyesight of the driver, especially, if the screen keeps flipping the content and their relative pages.

Though some of these LCD screens can also be operated through voice recognition technology, the mere presence of the monitor can cause diversion of attention, especially if the driver is addicted to the digital word.

The only way to make good use of this system is to use it diligently, and mostly not while on the move. That way, the drivers and the advantages of this technology can be used to its optimum level.

Navigation Systems Display

The most advantageous utility of the modern infotainment system is the navigation display that has erased the probability of losing the way, once for all. With the infotainment system displaying the navigation on screen, there is no need for the driver to stop the car and ask for directions from people and get misguided. This is a utility that none can deny.

Playing Movies and Videos

The team of experts we spoke to at the Burley Chevrolet dealer informed us that there has been a lot of controversy about the usage of, as people find this feature mostly unnecessary and distracting. To be truthful, even we don’t find much of justification to counter this complaint, as playing a video with the speakers on can be really disturbing for the driver, especially when there is a lot of tricky driving situations, where the driver needs to be extra careful.

To make peace, all we can suggest is using this feature judiciously, like while driving for long hours on the highway that might anyway have stressed out the driver, and made him feel sleepy.

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