It is recommended to change the car oils for every quarter or 3000 miles, some cars require oil change for every 5000 miles or 10000 miles. By the modification of engines this differences made possible. Changing oils also depends on intense driving.

There are special indicators on car dash board alarming us to change the oil; we need to check it every month. Oil transparency turns and indicates in black colour signalling oil change. We can also test it by rubbing with hands, if it is gritty then the oil is to be changed, and also Noise changes while car is in running condition.

GUIDE TO CHANGE OIL: Proper equipment is needed to change the oil that includes bottle of new oil, screw key, dipstick, funnel, clean cloth, new filter and container. You may visit to know more.

Here are few steps required for changing the oil:

  1. Switch on the vehicle and do not wait until it is too hot.
  2. and Place a container under the draw off plug, remember we need to place a big container; we can draw of the plug one done.
  3. Now the oil filter should be unscrewed, there will be a key for it, remind yourself that there is oil in it, do not split the oil.
  4. The old filter should next be replaced with the new one. We should use new oil for the greasing process of the new gasket. Screw in to the engine, screw gently under it seats.
  5. Now wait until the oil is drained out, with help of a cloth clean the oil around, now replace the oil drop off and tight the screw.
  6. With the help of a funnel, we need to pour the new oil slowly. Now place the filter cap then kickstart the engine for one minute. There should be no leak if it is done successfully.

Best Synthetic Oils for Cars


Synthetic oil  Conventional oil
High level of chemical stability Provide lubrication with engine
energy efficiency is Improvised Low level protection
High oxidation resistance Low performance
Protective qualities have a Lengthier retention Thicker than conventional oils
High level of strength in the oil film Reduces the engine life
Fire resistance Less of cost
high viscosity level Need to be changed for every 3000 Miles

Synthetic oil cling in high level to the parts and give them long life. Synthetic oils help in oxidation, evaporation of oil and loss of oil synthetic oils are expensive they need to be changed for every 7000 or more miles.


While you change the motor oil, do not forget to trade the old filters with the new ones. Well, did you know that titanium is added to all products by oil companies? This is done in order to drain back the oil to the pot every time the car engine is turned off. The titanium creates a defensive layer, by bonding to the metal components. In case you are used to using the synthetic oils, then you may shift back to the conventional ones too. Synthetic motor oils work great with all types of mixture oils.

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