At times buying the new car does not make any sense for the family. All thanks to the depreciation of the new cars when they’re driven, often used cars are the economical choice. However, how will you know if you are getting the good deal? How will you make sure the car is reliable? Here are some checklists that can help you purchase with complete confidence.

  1. Do your homework

Before going to the car lot and meeting the private seller, you must do your research about the best car models in your price range. Know what prices that people pay in your area so you will know if you have found the right deal. Research the common problems of the popular car models and know what warning signs you need to look for. After that, take your own time shopping over.

  1. Make Your Budget

Determine what you may afford, if you are buying the car outright or finance. Remember that the used cars in Waipahu are generally financed at the higher rate, so factor that in the final cost. You need to stick to the budget, and do not buy very impulsively. Just walk away and look if the car is not a right price. This is a perfect time for practicing the negotiation skills! Even though it makes you a little uncomfortable, many sellers haggle a bit, and will save you some money.

  1. Get the mechanic’s inspection

Even though service engine light is not on, the used cars will have some serious problems lurking below the hood, which you could not spot during the routine test drive. The seller must be willing to allow you have your car checked by your mechanic, or beware of the shady deal. Suppose your mechanic finds any minor problem, seller will decrease his asking rate. However, if problem is serious, you must find other option.

  1. Take for the test drive

When you have found something that you like that actually fit to your budget, then it is time for a test drive. Are you having enough of head, leg and elbow room? You likely will be spending so much of your time in a car, thus you have to make sure you are comfortable. Also, you need to take a little time to check the car very carefully. Search for any accident signs, check tires, and ensure the signals, lights, or air conditioning are working in order.

  1. Get your paperwork done

You must no buy any car that does not come with the clean title. See the title & registration before handing over the payment, particularly if you are dealing with the private seller. You must request the bill of sale for your protection.

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