Mazda as a leading car manufacturing house has always shown its sense of responsibility to the issues that are related to the automobile industry. In the current scenario of global warming and environmental pollution, Mazda has contributed in developing and implementing some revolutionary ideas that has undoubtedly shown a greener path to address these issues.

Here we have gathered the most relevant information from the experts of the Riverside Mazda dealership, how Mazda is working hard towards inventing more and more advanced environmental technologies that will contribute in framing out a sustainable future for the next generation, making automobilesEarth friendly.

SKYACTIV Technology

SKYACTIV TECHNOLOGY can be referred almost as a blanket term for the new-generation technologies that Mazda has innovated, developed and nurtured for years together. Underthe scheme of Mazda’s long-term vision for developing the Sustainable Zoom-Zoom technology, the name SKYACTIV came up reflectingthe real motto of Mazda to provide higherrange of driving pleasure while being environment friendlyand safe on the roads.

Idling Stop Technology

Mazda also promoted Idling stop systems that help save fuel by shutting down the car engine automatically whenever the vehicle becomes stationery and restarts by itself when the vehicle starts moving.

Brake Energy Regeneration System

The other environment friendly technology from Mazda is the Brake energy regeneration system that convertsthe kinetic energy of the vehicle into electricity every time the car decelerates. This way the system stores up more electricity for later to power the headlights, run the climate control system, play audio or charge any other electrical equipment.

Electric andHydrogen Vehicle

Mazda’s all electric and hydrogen vehicles are the best proofs that it cares about nature. The hydrogen rotary engine, which is based on their own unique rotary engine technology now use hydrogen as its fuel and is free from emitting CO2 which exhibits excellent environmental concern.

Promoting Vehicle Recycling

Mazda believes in recycling. It promotes recycling the plastic automobile parts. For this Mazda has created bumper-to-bumper recycling technology to recycle the large plastic parts in each vehicle. This technology canrecycle bumpers as well as end-of-life vehicle bumpers and use them as material to manufacture new bumpers.

Bio-Based Engineering Plastic

The Riverside Mazda dealership experts say that Mazda uses Bio-based plastic to reduce its immensely negative impact on the environment. Simultaneously, Mazda makes its parts from dyed bio-based plastics that have a higher-quality finish than the conventionally used painted plastics and it works as an eco-friendly material that is ideal for designing high end exterior parts.


Mazda uses the single nanotechnology to build up a unique catalyst structure or frame in which precious metal particles get individually embedded into the base material. As a result that dramatically reduces the consumption of expensive precious metals and saves the earth resources to a great extent. This technology focusesonthe catalyst technology to expose as much surface area as possible avoiding deterioration that causes because of agglomeration.

This way Mazda has left a footprint of how an automobile manufacturer can take care of the environment while transporting people and goods crossing larger distances.

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