best RV battery

The fishing boats and recreational boats have electric system that is similar to the recreational vehicle’s electric systems. The recreational vehicle (RVS) batteries powers various devices like smartphones, tablets, refrigerator, Television, AC, microwave, etc. It powers the devices when the main engine of the devices do no produce electric energy due to power down. So, the RV batteries supplies enough power to avoid power spikes. The recreational vehicles powered by solar panels or wind turbines may cause power spikes. So, using the RV battery will avoid such occurrences. The batteries are mechanically robust along with resistance to vibrations that makes it possible to operate it in any position without electrolyte spilling. Finding the best RV battery that satisfies all requirement is quite stressful, but the guide will help identify the good features with ease.

Single Battery RV

The recreational vehicle’s electric system rarely uses a single battery, but it can save weight with the use. It will make the system easier and simpler that makes it easy to maintain. The commonly used batteries for the purpose is the SLA battery (Sealed Lead Acid) (Gel cell or AGM) that works as

  • RV house Battery
  • RV starting battery

best RV battery

Dual battery RV

The dual batteries are resilient that works well for larger fishing boats and leisure boats. The dual batteries can make the electric system costlier, complicated, and hard to maintain. It serves different purposes like;

  • Cranking battery: It helps in starting the RV motor as the small battery is optimized to provide short yet powerful bursts of electricity. The SLA AGM is ideal as the maintenance free cranking batteries.
  • RV house battery: The Deep cycle sealed lead acid batteries offers energy for long time as they tolerate cyclic use. The robust batteries are resilient to vibrations and impacts.

Lithium RV Battery

It is a weight saving battery that tolerates large number of discharge cycles. It is ideal as they can recharge faster with low self-discharge rate.Another factor that influences the quality is the battery life that depends on the following;

  • Charging and discharging cycle’s number and depth: The low discharge (below 50%) will make the battery last long compared to the batteries that discharge upto 80%.
  • Type of Battery:The batteries are of two types SLA battery and Lithium ion battery. The lithium battery offers more discharge cycles.
  • Temperature of Battery: The extreme temperatures (too high and too low) can shorten the battery life. So, it is important to remove the battery in winter season to avoid any adverse issues. In summer season, the batteries need shade along with ventilation.

It is significant to opt for the best RV battery by considering the features like the type, capacity, technical details, size, voltage, etc. Visiting will offer the right information that will lead people in the right direction.

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