Do You Need Ceramic Paint Protection

Ceramic paint helps to protect your vehicle’s original bodywork. This not only maintains the value of the car when it comes to selling it, but it also keeps it looking in pristine condition.

Before ceramic paint, most people would regularly wash their car and wax it to try and keep that new look. However, no matter how many times you wax your car, it only serves as a method of discovering every new chip and scratches your bodywork has picked up since the last time you washed and waxed it.

On top of this, standard car bodywork always seems to pick up water spots, grime, and dirt spots. If you are looking for a way to stop wasting your time is to look intobodywork that altogether stops scratches, paint chips, and dirt/watermarks on your car.

In comes ceramic paint.

It uses what is called Opti-coat pro which is a form of liquid polymer. You would need to apply the ceramic paint by hand or hire a specialist to do the work for you. Check out companies such as Final Touch ceramic paint protection services. By hiring an expert rather than trying to apply the ceramic paint yourself, you will not risk permanent damage to your vehicle’s brand-new body work.

Final Touch ceramic paint protection services

One of the reasons you could damage the factory paintwork by doing it yourself is because ceramic paint protection will bond with the car’s original paintwork, and sometimes you may want to remove this layer in the future. If you do it wrong, you may cause the bond to be too strong and the original factory paint will not be recoverable.

What is the Difference Between Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Paint Protection?

The paint protection film is not the same as ceramic paint protection, which is actually better described as a premium wax alternative. Instead, a ceramic paint protection application is usually semi=permanent although there are options to make it permanent with the latter being applied to vehicles that already have badly damaged paintwork, so a permanent option is the best choice in this case.

Ceramic paint protection also does not wash away or get broken down and therefore it does not need to be repeatedly reapplied.

What is Ceramic Paint for Exhaust Pipes?

This is in fact called a ceramic exhaust wrap. This helps to contain any gaseous heat inside the vehicles exhaust pipe thus boosting the exhaust’s flow and performance. This helps fresh air flow into the engine cylinders and the car will then have a slight increase in exhaust power. A lot of people add ceramic exhaust wrap because the small gain in horsepower is worth it especially for those that participate in street racing activities.

Should I Remove Old Ceramic Layers?

Each time ceramic paint is applied it is always advised that the previous layer is removed in order to stop the old layer bonding with the surface of the car. You can also have multiple layers of ceramic paint which is usually what people do, but in this instance, each layer put on within a short space of time from the next layer. Therefore, you will not be placing a new layer on top of an old layer of ceramic paint.

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