The most common question is if a lift kit is going to level their truck?. In this article, we will try to answer it as well.

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Leveling kit 

So when it comes to a leveling kit versus a lift kit it’s relatively self-explanatory. But it can get kind of confusing because there are different sizes for leveling kits and that’s kind of where some of that confusion comes in.

So, if you’re buying a leveling kit, in general, that just lifts the front of your truck. It’s just affecting the front of your truck

Most commonly you’re buying a leveling kit it’s gonna be a spacer that goes on either at the top or the bottom of your strut and that’s going to bring the front of your vehicle up.

Trucks from the factory come with something called rake. If you load the bed by installing a leveling kit what you’re doing is bringing up the front of the truck so it sits level with the rear when you’re unloaded

Typically, a leveling kit is gonna be 2 or 2.5 inches or 3 inches. It depends on the truck and then which kit you buy.

For the leveling kit, you don’t get any extra components, like upper control arms, unless you buy them separately

You have to be careful if you’re really stretching the boundaries and you find like a 3-3.5 inch leveling kit because you’re really gonna be pushing those front-end components and causing unneeded stress on the front-end of your truck.

Lift kits

Now, when it comes to a, lift kit, that’s gonna be something that affects both the front of your truck and the rear of the truck. If you buy a 6″ lift kit – you, usually, either will get a 6″ strut spacer which goes on the top of strut in the front. Or you’ll have a complete placement strut and that brings the front of your 6 inches

Note! In that same 6 inch kit in the rear, you’re probably only going to get a 4-inch block. The reason for that is the factory rakes the front has gone up 6″ and the back has gone up poor but because from the factory it came with that extra 2″ they now sit perfectly level.

Do you remember the question we started with? “Does my lift kit level a truck?” Depending on options you can buy (about 2500$) a 5.5″ or 6.5″ PDS, for example, that brings the front up about 6.5″ and then you have the option in the rear to get a 4.5″ block for a 5.5″ block. So, if you get that taller block it’s gonna bring back some of that factory rake and go up higher in the rear.

 one of the guys that I was talking to an Instagram had a Toyota I think was a Tacoma you went out and measured the distances between the ground and the bottom of his wheel well he said the front was thirty-five and the rear was 37 so he’s got that two inch difference he wanted to know if I buy a three inch level what will happen front and rear and four by a three inch lift what will happen in front of them so

Real world example

For example, you have a Toyota Tacoma 35″ (front)and 37″ (rear)

With the 4-inch leveling kit if you add that 3″ to the 35″ = and you will get 38″ in front and you still set at 37 in the rear so you have a little bit of squat

If you were to buy a 3″ lift kit that’s gonna give you the 3″ in the front (38″ in total) in a one 1″ block in the rear – which also will bring that up to 38″.

It’s really just simple math:

  1. measure from the ground to the bottom of your wheel well
  2. add on the size of your kit
  3. an then you can figure out where you’re gonna be sitting at and then the rear

you can do the same thing you can use the just simple math by taking whatever size the block is and adding that to the rear of your truck and that’s about where you’re gonna sit so that should answer those

How leveling kit combines with coilovers?

What happens if you switch from 3″ leveling kit to 2″-2.5″ coilover? If that will give 5-5.5″ lit?

The way leveling kits work is that spacer on top of your stock strut assembly, so if you switch out to a coilover you should be removing that spacer. The coilover then would give you 2.5″. In his case, he had a 3″ wants to replace it with a 2-2.5″. You will decrease your truck in this case.

You can add a coil over to your leveling kit, however, it’s not recommended because those leveling kits don’t come with new control arms or all the other parts you need to correct the angles. Because as you go up with the truck you’re changing the geometry of your front suspension which causes more stress on those front-end components

If you were to try to add a coilover to get on top of your 3″ leveling kits to get about 5-5.5″ of lift you’re gonna really stress the front of your truck and we definitely do not recommend stacking lift components that are gonna be something you want to avoid


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