Present days, the automobile industry has seems to be the fast paced change in the trend with the convergence of the customer needs on the automobile technology. The more awareness for the customers is no longer, it is just the driver and this would be like connected to the automobiles. this does not rational economic decisions to be spend on the asset which loses its value by about 13% minutes you are going to drive it out,. By learning form the mature market, while people make this to the middle class, shopping for an automobile would be their first choice.

The development in the technology has been improved in the automobile side. India has been one of the youngest countries with the people of 26 years of average age, the future will not look like the past as the new ownership are opening up the technology and also gaining traction. The demanding customers have become responsive with the development of internet.

The next important thing is that, owning the customers, because it is very much important all throughout our lifecycle of the automobiles. This is very much essential for the dealers and also engaging him through with the challenges. The customer lifecycle may also follows the standard cycle of awareness, consideration, use, desire, purchase, maintenance, and also up gradation.

And the next thing is that creating the experience for the customers. The digitalization will helps to revolutionize the retail chain of the automobiles, from the sales right through the services. In the future days, it has been expected that the whole experience would be the streamlines to greater extend being the personalized and data driven. The customers will walks into the dealership; the advisor will also be able to pull you the profile and also study about the history and connects them with correct product and the configurations as per the needs.

By influencing the right customer from the purchase through to an end will become the process much easier with the digital interventions, because this will reduces the costs rapidly in comparison to some of the traditional methods. So, try to find out the perfect solutions from the virtual showrooms which have an interactive sessions, video connect, and also the comparison tools for the customers to get into involved with the brand. The workshop which will be based in the customers on the service centers which are provided in pleasant, fun experience, and also interactive for the customer to have their automobiles serviced fully.

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