The choices to buy a new vehicle is in plenty today, where almost every brand is offering the same kind of vehicles with hairline difference from the other brand in respect of capacity, features and even the look. So what can make you select one from this overwhelming number of options? All we can do to count down to our final choice, is going by our own requirements as well as our own limitations. While one of us would look for the most eco-friendly one, other can go for the high end performance and SUV features. And there are hundreds of other aspects that can determine the vehicle you are going to bring home. And here we are taking the approach from a different direction. It is all about the preferable brand that covers all the requirements, of people from different sectors.

Variety of Options

If you walk into any reputed dealership like the New Bern Chevrolet,you can check out as many types of vehicles you know about. Right from the luxury sedans and hatchbacks, you get full-size pickup trucks, from strong-built SUVs to latest feature-rich crossovers. Chevrolet has addressed every need of its existing and potential customersthat are packed in heart-pounding styles and features, leave alone the performance meter.

Safety First

Choose any Chevrolet, and you are assured about one thing. Anoverall 5-Star rating for the safety standard maintained in it. To say the least, till now seven Chevrolet models from the 2014 year lineup alone, received the highest overall score for safety from the NHTSA.

Be it those advanced safety features like theAutomatic Emergency Braking, Rear Vision Cameras, Rear Cross Traffic Alerts and Side Blind Zone Alerts, or the Forward Collision Alert and Lane Departure Warning, a Chevy model you choose will have them all either as standard or as optional. Chevrolet values the lives of its passengers the most, above everything else.

Friendly with the Environment

Chevrolet is a brand name that never shrugged off its responsibility towards the planet we live in. When fuel is scarce, and power is on high demand, Chevrolet too all the right steps the ease out the journey on tight rope on which the car users were going through.  Being the first automakerto launch an all-electric car, Chevrolet has now filled its lineup with high-efficient hybrids and plug-in hybrids too.

Performance Freak

Chevrolet is a name that has always worn a serious look when it comes to the performance level of is vehicles. On a constant effort to cut down on the usage of fuel consumption, Chevrolet makes engines that can travel more in lesser amount of fuel, while the horsepower and torque stay as high as before. Handling and maneuvering a Chevrolet is always a thrill, allowing plenty of chance to the drivers to make every drive a joy ride for the passengers in a consistently luxurious cabin that stays quiet even on high speeds.

If that helped in making your mind towards driving home a Chevrolet, you can book a test drive at the New Bern Chevrolet dealership to choose the one that appeals you the most.

Chevrolet is not a fad; they’re here to stay; and like the folks in New Smyrna Beach, the new line of Chevrolet vehicles at New Smyrna Chevrolet are built for both work and play.

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