ceramic coating

Ceramic coating hair irons are almost impossible to lose when looking for the best hair straighteners. But why is that? What makes them so popular? Well, to begin with, this amazing heating material has replaced the basic metal plates for a long time due to its extremely smooth surface, even heat distribution and universal style. Metal plates heat unevenly and create hot spots that cause burns in some areas of your hair, while other areas receive no heat.

Ceramic coating rectifiers work with infrared technology to repair the moisture in your hair and provide you with bright and healthy strands.

Ceramic coating hair irons also use ion technology, which consists of ceramic coating plates that emit negative charges when the iron is heated. These negative charges neutralize the positive charges caused by dry and curly hair, so when straightening or styling your hair, you will notice how much more relaxed, soft and shiny it looks.

For developed coatings, the estimation of the R value is not indicated, although its measurements are made by the radiation power. Therefore, its main criterion is the ability to reflect both heat and heat, which is outside the entire structure.

ceramic coating

In addition to being extremely effective, they heat up in just a few seconds and also smooth the hair faster. This means that your hair is less hot and you will not get tired. They also have a lasting effect on your hair, as they can help maintain the shine and softness of your locks. Ceramic coating rectifiers are lightweight, heat resistant and designed to give users a better grip when placing. In addition, they usually come with adjustable heat settings that allow you to use a low temperature if you have thin or thin hair, and a higher temperature if you have thick, thick or curly hair. Remember to think that ceramic coated plates are the same as solid ceramics.


The ceramic coating means that they are metal plates with a thin layer of ceramic coating, which eventually exfoliate, which causes the hair to get stuck and scratched as they pass through the irons. Ceramic coating hair straighteners come in a wide variety of models and styles, so do not rush into the first one you see on the shelf, choose carefully and make sure the iron you want to trust in your hair has all the features what do you need.

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