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The Lineup of 2019 Chevrolet Sonic In a Nutshell

The mass car buyers will always look for a car that will offer them a value based package wrapped in a stylized shape while the cabin will haul people and their luggage without a hitch, and all these coming at a price range that is affordable. The demand is common, but the cars that fulfill all of them aren’t that common to be found. But that doesn’t imply that there’s none. In this perspective, the first model name that should top the search results, is the 2019 Chevrolet Sonic.

The 2019 model year edition of Chevrolet Sonic carries an age, that stands as a solid proof of its reliability and demand in the market. It has now entered its eighth year of survival in the tough market that shows no sympathy for the non-committal vehicle models. At the same time it continues to be one of the best choicesfor those who are looking for an inexpensive vehicle that serves all the purpose of a compact car with its surprising pack of technologies.This subcompact car series is available both as sedan and hatchback models while its lineup spreads wide with varied options of features.

However, the 2019 Chevrolet Sonic came out to be more of a city-friendly vehicle option rather than trying out adventures on off-road terrains. At the Smithfield Chevrolet dealer showroom, we got the opportunity to explore the entire lineup of the 2019 Chevrolet Sonic, and here’s our take on it, in a nutshell.

Smithfield Chevrolet

New for 2019 Model Year Release

For the year 2019, Chevrolet has prepared the entire lineup of Sonic with an additional paint color, which is named as “Shock,” and the trim levels are continued as the LS, LT, and Premier models that are all made available both in sedan and hatchback shapes.

Even with too many rivals crossing its path, the 2019 Chevrolet Sonic doesn’t feel it difficult to catch the viewer’s attention  through its recentlyrefreshed visual appeal, newly introduced active safety features in addition to the existing ones, good fuel economy rating approved by the EPA, and the level of comfort assured in every model, climbing higher as you raise the price bar.

Powertrain Choices

Coming to the choice of powertrains, Chevrolet has offered a couple of engine options, that completes the circle of its performance capabilities. There are two capacitive 4-cylinders you get to choose from. Onehas the capacity to hold a 1.8-liter of gas in its naturally aspirated engine while the other comes as a 1.4 liter turbochargedoption. With the turbocharged engine, Chevrolet gives you a 6-speed manual transmission to ensure more driving fun, but the sales team of the Smithfield Chevrolet reported that the majority of buyers go for the 6-speed automatic one.

Driving and Riding

On the road, the 2019 Chevrolet Sonic moves with surprisingly silence, that makes the driver feel at ease, while the passengers can soak in its comfort zone without a jerk. Chevrolet has enhanced the  styling accents for the interior of the 2019 Sonic that uses premium materials to make you feel valued with a spacious cargo area gulps in every luggage you throw in.


2019 Maxima: The Luxury Sedan from Nissan

If you want to take a break from the monotony of the regular mid-size four-door luxury sedans, take a sneak peek at the new 2019 Nissan Maxima that is surely going to touch your heart with its completely different taste. In the design of the 2019 Nissan Maxima, you might observe the sense of urgency that clearly speaks about its work-oriented intentions. It is a luxury sedan from Nissan that does embrace performance as one of the components of luxury, other than merely focus on providing the immobile creature comforts.

At the San Luis Obispo car dealership, when we first got to see the 2019 Nissan Maxima, the friendly staff there updated us with the information that Mazda has taken special care to refresh this mid-size sedan that now wears a newly improvised snout and with a still more desirable interior that fitsperfectly inside its shapely frame. The Maxima as a model series has always stood as the most sporty sedan that comes from the house ofNissan, and the 2019 model year only underlines the fact, that Nissan always thinks differently when it comes to designing its wide range of vehicle body types.

What’s Special for 2019?

In the decade, where the flow is towards making crossover SUV, Nissan took a bold enough step to invest lot of thoughtful tweaks to make its four-door sedan Maxima a more desirable car this year. To cater the different preference and budget limit of the buyers, Nissan continues the lineup profile of the 2019 Maxima from its last year model that are labelled as the S, SV, SL, SR, and Platinum trim levels.

Though many would say that the design changes done this year on the Maxima isn’t that major, but for those who can compare both the models carefully will find the new mane and the tail much more appealing, while theinterior trims look dressier as well.

Even at the power front the story stays mostly the same. The standard powertrain combination holds a 3.5-liter V-6 engine that makes a 300 of horsepower and Nissan gives it a continuously variable automatic transmission (CVT) to relay the power the front wheels specifically.

Luxury Components

As you get inside the 2019Maxima, the cabin will make you feel at home in the first instance itself. As always Nissan will make the cabin more driver-oriented where the cockpit and the passenger seat will offer more support and luxury than the rear ones.

Other than the aesthetic upliftment, the 2019 Maxima also gets a big bag of active safety features on most of its trim models that counts in adaptive cruise controland blind-spot monitors. All the 2019 trim models of Maxima are equipped with automatic emergency brake to snub down the probabilityof any forward crashes.

The luxury components even in the base models are equipped with premium cloth upholstery, 18-inch wheels, an 8.0-inch touchscreen display for the infotainment with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility, Bluetooth connectivity, and two USB chargers. The sales staff at the car dealer near San Luis Obispo would inspire you climb higher the trim levels to get more creature comforts, which are worth the investment.

2019 Chevrolet Equinox

2019 Chevrolet Equinox: Comfort and Convenience

Buying a family car is buying a moving cabin of comfort and convenience. Take any car, and they would claim to offer you the best comfort and convenient rides for all. But among them, some are successful in keeping up their promises, while some others might end up collecting some negative reviews in the pretext of these two aspects.

Here we have handpicked the 2019 year model of Chevrolet Equinox, as we found there can be a lot to talk about how much comfort and convenience this crossover SUV from Chevrolet can finally ensure, after we took a test drive with it at the showroom of theBirmingham Chevrolet dealer.

Powertrain Choices

The 2019 year lineup of Chevrolet Equinox queues trims named as L, LS, LT and Premier. Offering its users with the choice of two gas engines, and a high-mileage turbodiesel engine, the 2019 Equinox from Chevrolet also gives the freedom of driving with either front- or all-wheel drive and pair the engines with different automatic transmissions.

Chevrolet Equinox

Under the hood, you can either have a 170-horsepower making 1.5-liter turbo-4 engine which is the standard one for all the trim levels pairing to a 6-speed automatic transmission.On the LT and Premier trimsare two upgraded enginesoffered as optional. One is the 2.0-liter turbo-4 engine which is rated at 252 hp when hitched up to a 9-speed automatic transmission, and the other is a 1.6-liter turbodiesel 4-cylinder engine which is given a 6-speed automatic transmission to work in combination to make a moderate 137 hp to raise up the fuel economy rate by the EPA to 39 mpg on the highway.

Convenience Features

After its redesign done last year, the 2019 year model of Chevrolet Equinox now gains only an updated infotainment software along with the options of fitting in either a 7.0- or an 8.0-inch touchscreen displays with the option of installing an available HD rearview camera.

The interior of the 2019 Equinox is given a lot of space from Chevrolet for four passengers and to load their respective luggage in a cargo space measuring nearly 30 cubic feet to 63.5 cubes with the rear seats folded down. The outward vision somehow didn’t appear to be satisfactory enough to us, because of the thick roof pillars, though the HD rearview camera might assist to make it up.

Coming to the tech front, the 2019 Equinox shows a high score by making the integration with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibilityfeature as standard. Thebase model of 2019 Equinox named as L and LS received an inexpensive Convenience Package that allows the driver to enjoy an 8-way power adjustable seat while the same feature can be had as a standard feature on the rest of the lineup. The front seats at every trim level offer excellent support as they areall bolstered the right way, and that makes the rides comfortable for all the passengers irrespective of where they are seated.

Ride Comfort

Our test drive with the 2019 Chevrolet Equinox at the Chevrolet dealer Birmingham assured us of one thing in particular. It is that, Chevrolet continues to stay ahead of other brands because it knows how to make all the car occupants feel comfortable through a journey, even if the roads are not welcoming enough.



Holiday planning is not much on the trouble list the biggest problem rises up when you need to get in to the right way of thought process and stay sterned about it accordingly. However, there are times when you need to get a vivid idea about the areas you will be visiting and chances of going to the limits of taking everything in the count is essential. Likewise, the planning is important as the kin of the journey you will be playing off is equally important. The one thing that would always be spinning around your head is the way you handle stuff and keep that in your way. there are times when you get a lot of opportunities but sometimes you may lag behind if you don’t know about the latest arrivals.


 Tourism has become one of the hard rock business all over. People are always been in a hurry to set one vacation or the other. However, things have remained the same at least the ethics the thing that has taken a wide run of change is the way of your thought process about rented cars. People are nowadays getting the vibes of roaming here an there and that too in a short span of time. The solution comes over here as when you get to know the way of change and the direction to make. The best part that is coming into way is the way you get to reach up to the Lax car rental.

lax car rental


There is no big point of reaching into conclusion that it easy to seek for rented cars. However, this is never the scenario as the service holder have a lot on their list to check on in order to get proper knowledge about the person to whom they will be trusting on the basis of the document and will give the car keys. However, it is not difficult when everything is on the legal side. Thereby it is important to take care of the fact that things should be done on a reliable basis. If you are new to any place then search on the search engine and reach up to the service holders.

To conclude, the above-mentioned procedure is easy to follow and get inside it if every requirement of it is on the legal side and there is nothing on the fraud sens. As once you are caught with such you are penalized a heavy amount.  Thereby the rules that are made for the rented cars should be followed and kept in mind on a broader note till you leave the country or the city you visit.

Cars to Make Launch in 2019

Cars to Make Launch in 2019

Cars in India have been always been a necessity for the middle class and high-class people. Earlier cars were considered as a luxury but as time passed cars have become the necessity of the people who wish to maintain a good impression on other people. The cars such as Honda Civic, Honda Brio, and Hyundai Elantra are going to launch in India between the years 2019 to 2021. Let’s have a quick review on all these cars that are going to launch soon in India.

Honda Brio

This car is mainly available in the market in three different variants such as VX, E, and S that are priced nominally between price such as Rs 4.73 Lakhs as well as 6.81 Lakhs. This car is equipped with the 1.2-litre I-VTEC engine which produces the maximum power of 88 PS and with the peak torque of approximately 109 Nm. In addition, the engine of this car is mated with 5-speed manual transmission of the gearbox. The manufacturer of the best car in India Honda also provide 5-speed automatic transmission of gearbox in Brio but that is only limited to the top-sec VX variant. The manual transmission of the car provides an average mileage of 18.5 kilometres per litre and the automatic transmission variant provides an average mileage of 16.5 kilometres per litre.

Honda Civic

This amazing car was launched in India with the starting price of Rs 17.69 Lakhs. Thus, the top-end variant of this sedan segment car was priced at Rs 22.69 Lakhs for ex-showroom. This car is offered with petrol as well as diesel engine options. The engine of this car can produce the maximum power of 140 bhp with the approximate peak torque of 300 Nm. The petrol variant of this car provides the average mileage of 16 kilometres per litre while the diesel engine provides average mileage of 26 kilometres per litre.

Hyundai Elantra

The all-new Hyundai Elantra kept of strengthening the portfolio of Hyundai Elantra launch in 2016. The top-end variant 1.6 SX option was priced at Rs 20.04 Lakhs. The engine options provided by the car are 2.0-litre petrol and 1.6-litre diesel engine. The engine displacement of the car for the petrol variant is 1999 cc and for the diesel variant if 1582 cc.  The diesel engine of the car provides a mileage of 18 kilometres per litre and petrol engine provides an average mileage of 16 kilometres per litre.

Also check more details about Bajaj Avenger Price

Buy These Cars

These cars mentioned-above are going to launch in 2019 and are the best cars in India and you can book them from the nearby showroom outlets of car.

What Hyundai Is All About

What Hyundai Is All About

The Hyundai Houston brand today is very popular, and is very famous across the entire world. These cars, made by the motor company, has gained this level of popularity because of being affordable among consumers and at the same time, very reliable to be used. The international success of the brand is also overwhelming.

A Korean brand 

Hyundai is a true meaning of what a Korean brand is about. It has gained various international success more than any other car makers, and the wonder has provided the company to be one of the top car manufacturers that is ever around. The history of the brand is also something that is truly remarkable. First, the name of the company comes from the word of the brand, which translates to a Korean term that means “modernity.”

The brand’s anniversary is held every December 29th, and it has been founded in the late 1960s in the Korean capital, Seoul. In the current times, this Korean company has provided to be an occupant of original headquarters, and some months later, it has opened a company that produces a facility of more than 20,000 vehicles annually.

Hyundai Houston

More on the brand’s history 

Hyundai Houston joins the long list of car brand branches that Hyundai has around the world. In the late 1960s, both this brand and Ford signed an agreement with regards to producing Ford vehicles in the East Asian nation, right at the assembly facility of Hyundai. According to the deal signed, Ford has shared the technology when it comes to the product secrets of passenger vehicles and light trucks.

The first model that Hyundai has produced has been known as the Hyundai Pony. It has been designed by a collaborative effort between various car makers in Europe and in Asia. The company began to export operations in 1975 and these models were brought to different parts of the world. They were exported to countries like Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

The brand then penetrated the market in the United States, and the Korean company established the technical center in a Michigan city, and has been created to develop new units. Then in the 1980s, the brand launched its flagship unit, the Hyundai sedan called Sonata, still in reference to Korean culture. Then, the partnerships were shattered and the brand gained independence, before creating a history engine known as Alpha. The brand spent more than  $120,000,000 in making and developing this part. Then in the 1990s, consumers have seen the growth of the company and the appearance of models that include the HCD-I, the Hyundai Accent, and the Hyundai Coupe, plus cars that became bases for games that include Need For Speed. Then in the 2000s, the brand expanded across the world and partnered with sporting agencies as the official car brand of the World Cup of football. Until today, Hyundai in all its international wings has developed its name for bringing new possibilities for customers.

How to find the right cars for you 

Finding the right cars for you is very possible. If you are looking for this particular brand, then simply head over to visit here and see the available makes. However, if you like to explore more, you must first know your needs. After these, seek out various car companies that offer them. What you can do is to create your list and be sure that you can be able to get yourself accustomed to the companies that you will choose. The pathway toward finding your next car should be smooth and easy when you have these tips with you.


A Device to Help You Use Your Phone Safely While Driving

One of the worst parts about driving is that we can’t really use our mobile phone because we need to concentrate on the road. That split second of attention taken away while driving on a busy road could result in an accident. Admittedly we take things for granted in life and one of the old sayings go ‘It won’t happen to me’ – then it does. What would you say if we told you there is a way that you can safely keep your eyes on the road and not need to glance down at your phone?

Well, you can because there is a device out there called the VIZR, which has been released by FIXD. This is essentially a device that mimics the screen on your mobile phone onto a much large screen that can be attached to your dashboard. Literally, this means you can look out at the road and quickly glance at the device on your dashboard while still keeping one eye on what is happening in front of you.

The device is actually a HUD or heads up display and it has been dubbed as one of the best technology inventions for drivers who need to keep a constant eye on their phone. Another advantage to this device is that you can use your Google Maps safely without having to continuously pick up your phone to ensure you are going in the right direction. How often do you see people hold their phone in one hand and steer the car with the other hand just so they can make sure they are going in the right direction? The HUD stops this from happening.

You can use the device in any car, so there is no need to go out looking for a model that suits your car. It is a one size fits all device. It also has a nigh and day display so you will never have a problem with visibility on the screen itself.

It comes with an application and within the application are loads of extra features you can use. You can also bring up your own apps installed on your smartphone, so you are not tied into using the HUD app that comes with the device.

Connecting to the device is also very simple. It is an out of the box solution – at least to some extent. You will need to follow the instructions to mount it onto your dashboard, but once you have it in place, all you need to do is connect to it wirelessly from your smartphone. If you need to adjust the angle, you can so you have the HUD facing in exactly the direction you need it for the best view possible.

Now when you read all of this, it may seem like it is expensive, but really this is such an affordable device it is shocking. For as little as £40.00 you can have this device attached to your dashboard. What a bargain! Check out Digtology for the VIZR review.


2019 Blazer: A Popular Crossover from Chevrolet

The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer is a well-known namein the market of crossovers for its unblemished comfort.The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer came as a reboot and this time it got a reformatted look that made all the difference, and of course it was positive. This new vehicle now got itself placed among the first row models of the mid-size crossover SUV segment that are mostly configured as front-wheel-drives. The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer makes room to sit five adult passengers, while you can accommodate more, if there are kids.

What’s New for 2019

Powered with a base inline-4 engine, the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer offers different trim packages with  L, LT, RS, and Premier models.

At the Moscow Chevrolet dealer, the 2019 year model of the Chevrolet Blazer lookedcompletely different from its past model appearance. With the new crossover look worn at the moment, the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer looks more like a floating canopy than an automobile product.

The Interior Theme

As you get inside the cabin, it won’t take much time to observe the winglike styling themes scattered all over to create an ambience that speaks of novel ideas rather than the conventional ones. The materials used do match well with the concept and do not tend to disrupt the appeal that is carefully tailored by Chevrolet to attract the new generation.

Space is what you get in plenty when you enter the cabin of the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer. Apart from making a comfortable seating for five adult passengers, it offers a flexible cargo space that can be adjusted with a sliding rear seat and can also be folded down to make a flat load floor as well.

Power Options

The base trim of the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer is powered with a 193-horsepower generating inline-4 engine that is crafted with an acceptable groove. The engine is paired to a 9-speed automatic transmission that effectively passes out the power to the front-wheels. A drive withthe base trim of 2019 Blazer feels taut all the wayand that is because of the highly responsive steering that listens to your inputs instantaneously.

There is also an option to drive with a V-6 engine that makes the desirable 308-hp and rides predominantly on the highways with the bigger 20-inch wheels and is configured ideally as an all-wheel-drive. But this option is available only for the Premier and RS trim editions. Overall the rides with the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer feels gutsy and provides a consistently firm ride.

Feature Highlights

The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer achieved its current popularity also because of the feature rich packages in almost every front. While on the safety side you get Blind-spot monitors as standard equipment on almost every Blazer trim, you can mount a surround-view camera system along with the adaptive cruise control feature by paying a few extra bucks if you are choosing the basic trims. But the same is offered as standard on top trims. Base Blazers too are not scanty in power features. You get automatic climate control, infotainment system integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and Bluetooth on the connectivity side.

Overall, our experience at the Chevrolet Moscow dealership with the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer says, it has all the good reasons to stay popular in the current automobile market.



The current lifestyle has its own demands.Different people meet their needs in different ways. The idea of rental cars makes people rely on cars which are not theirs.The cars come in different makes and models. The rental cars make people to get exposed to different cars easily. Although there are those who prefer going for the same cars. In such a case a person goes ahead to ensure he rents the same car all the time. This might always be possible but it can happen. Exotic car rental is here in town. Technology has shaped our lives in different ways. This has made us live in totally different ways from our ancestors. We are exposed to the current living whereby peo0plearnot used to walk long distances.

Technology came to change us. We are new people from the way we eat, put on clothes and even the way we carry out our daily duties. Our families also tend to have different demands as compared to past lives.Technology has made us get used to certain things and needs. For instance, at present, if you have money for renting a car you just go direct to places where the cars are rented then you get one for yourself.

Exotic car rental

His had enabled many people to enjoy life.Our culture has picked up on a high note. Doctors are complaining that we no longer jog.Many people are becoming obese. We are either indoors watching televisions or outdoors with vehicles riding.Our lives are just too complicated. We are also more sophisticated because most people nowadays prefer urban life. We are just used to a better life where we know that such a life can be found only in town.

Our lives have become delicate. We are just too soft. We depend on technology more than at any other time. This shows that it is the only technology that can rescue us.Our lives are being shaped by the same technology. The many things we see around are all products of technology. Our lifestyle has also changed in a big way since the days of our ancestors. We deal with different aspects of life differently. Our children go to school. When we are sick we go to hospitals. When we communicate we use smartphones.Our lives are just but unique. In our delicate lives, we easily get sick. We are not as hardy as our forefathers. In those olden days, people could stay for years before getting sick.But in our present lives, people get sick easily. We are always in hospitals going for treatment. For sure life has really changed. Our lives are becoming more challenging. We are just doing things differently.


How to Get The Best Ferrari Rental in Italy

It is amazing to experience the most impressive driving experience in Italy driving the most exclusive and newest models of super-fast cars. There are many advantages to renting a Ferrari in Italy, instead of just digging into your pocket and buying it.

It’s always a fantastic experience to have a good time in style when you enjoy the time when you treat the person who matters most to you. This is even more surprising if you have an expensive car like a Ferrari.

However, do not worry too much about renting these expensive cars. Be sure to take into account tips on how to rent one and warnings to choose the best deal in the city.


Ferrari is a very expensive car, not only for purchase but also for rent. Therefore, it is important to check whether temporary limitations of liability were provided, such as offers. Before you get the key and deliver the car for a million dollars to the backyard, be sure to immediately pay attention to any temporary insurance policy provided by the rental company. It is recommended to pay only when you find that there is enough coverage that corresponds to the value of the car.

rent a ferrari italy


As with the choice of a medical centre, be sure to find your nearest car rental dealer. There are several independent car rentals in Italy that you can find. Dealers may have a higher or higher rental price than their competitors. However, its price may be too reasonable and you can pay them. The nearest dealer is good because from time to time you can stop by and see which different models you can rent for you.

Friends and Ferrari owners

If you are thinking about renting a Ferrari, you can consult with people you know personally or private distributors. Many individual dealers are always worried about the condition of their cars, pay attention to them and ask if they want to let you rent a Ferrari. In many private cases, rent may be high due to storage charges and maintenance costs.

Driving test

It is always important to request a test drive. Before the date when you plan to rent a car, it is recommended to take a test drive with a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced driver. This will expand your knowledge of how to make the most of the power of the Ferrari engine. The quick start guide will teach you all the settings for how you should work with the wheels.

When you rent a ferrari italy, it is always important to keep information about Ferrari service centres and repair shops. The car may be in good condition, but you never know when you will need to deliver the car to a repair shop. Getting general information about contact numbers and instructions is very important. This can be useful if you need services throughout the trip.

Take a ride through life and choose a Ferrari rental in Italy.