Avoid buying a workshop manual and find reliable sources online

Workshop manuals are an essential part of repairing your car properly, without expert advice, even the most simple repairs can become a nightmare.

But even ‘professional’ advice can let you down unless you find a genuinely good mechanic, which is often a dime a dozen.

Personally I have taken my car to many repair shops to get the car back worse than when I dropped it off, down the line a new mechanic will look at the car and find the problems created by the previous, who then make further mistakes themselves.

While I did eventually find my own reliable mechanic, I burned thousands of dollars in the search, hence why doing most repairs at home is a popular method for most car enthusiasts and those mechanically minded.

When I was young I would repair most of my cars myself, and relied upon printed workshop manuals to help me in doing repairs, the majority of these repairs came out fine when using the workshop manual, while those that the manual didn’t cover often didn’t come out the best.

The problem is most aftermarket workshop manuals do not cover everything about the car, they tend to focus on the main areas but neglect details such as body panels, electrical wiring diagrams and interior components, often these areas are valuable but not available in aftermarket manuals.

When it comes to repairing your own car at home, you really need something that the dealerships have had in their possession for decades prior, that is an original factory service manual.

A factory service manual is a book created by the car company themselves, and provide their mechanics all the advice and specifications they need to repair literally everything on the car, without these most dealerships would be relying on back and forth information between engineers which isn’t ideal, also mechanics would need a far greater amount of training as everything would need to be physically taught, with a wide range of cars changing every few months, this isn’t a good way to be efficient and reliable in repairing the companies products.

Hence the manufacturers factory service manual was created, and is used worldwide as the primary method of education and repairs for all cars from dealerships.

These manuals are however limited in availability unless you know where to look, we had searched thousands of websites in the past trying to find one that is legitimate and able to provide a factory service manual for free, the best we found so far is a website called All Car Manuals.

Check their website and see if your car is listed, the manuals they provide are genuine factory service manuals, and cover everything you would ever need to repair your car yourself.

Do You Need Ceramic Paint Protection

Do You Need Ceramic Paint Protection?

Ceramic paint helps to protect your vehicle’s original bodywork. This not only maintains the value of the car when it comes to selling it, but it also keeps it looking in pristine condition.

Before ceramic paint, most people would regularly wash their car and wax it to try and keep that new look. However, no matter how many times you wax your car, it only serves as a method of discovering every new chip and scratches your bodywork has picked up since the last time you washed and waxed it.

On top of this, standard car bodywork always seems to pick up water spots, grime, and dirt spots. If you are looking for a way to stop wasting your time is to look intobodywork that altogether stops scratches, paint chips, and dirt/watermarks on your car.

In comes ceramic paint.

It uses what is called Opti-coat pro which is a form of liquid polymer. You would need to apply the ceramic paint by hand or hire a specialist to do the work for you. Check out companies such as Final Touch ceramic paint protection services. By hiring an expert rather than trying to apply the ceramic paint yourself, you will not risk permanent damage to your vehicle’s brand-new body work.

Final Touch ceramic paint protection services

One of the reasons you could damage the factory paintwork by doing it yourself is because ceramic paint protection will bond with the car’s original paintwork, and sometimes you may want to remove this layer in the future. If you do it wrong, you may cause the bond to be too strong and the original factory paint will not be recoverable.

What is the Difference Between Paint Protection Film and Ceramic Paint Protection?

The paint protection film is not the same as ceramic paint protection, which is actually better described as a premium wax alternative. Instead, a ceramic paint protection application is usually semi=permanent although there are options to make it permanent with the latter being applied to vehicles that already have badly damaged paintwork, so a permanent option is the best choice in this case.

Ceramic paint protection also does not wash away or get broken down and therefore it does not need to be repeatedly reapplied.

What is Ceramic Paint for Exhaust Pipes?

This is in fact called a ceramic exhaust wrap. This helps to contain any gaseous heat inside the vehicles exhaust pipe thus boosting the exhaust’s flow and performance. This helps fresh air flow into the engine cylinders and the car will then have a slight increase in exhaust power. A lot of people add ceramic exhaust wrap because the small gain in horsepower is worth it especially for those that participate in street racing activities.

Should I Remove Old Ceramic Layers?

Each time ceramic paint is applied it is always advised that the previous layer is removed in order to stop the old layer bonding with the surface of the car. You can also have multiple layers of ceramic paint which is usually what people do, but in this instance, each layer put on within a short space of time from the next layer. Therefore, you will not be placing a new layer on top of an old layer of ceramic paint.


Go for the Best Car Designed for Young Drivers:

Before buying a car, there are some things you have to consider.These are special tips that can help young drivers to get their car and we have mentioned some of these tips here:

  • Look for a car that provides better car mileage.Most people consider the option of having smaller cars that comes with cheaper lease options.
  • You have to take into consideration an insurance that is sufficient enough to take care of your damages. More than 50 different insurance brands can help you in getting the desired insurance. For every young driver, it’s a difficult task to have insurance but if you’re taking a car that has a lower top speed along with acceleration, that becomes easy for the owner to have insurance at a lower premium.
  • The young driver needs connectivity and for the same, they are willing to pay a huge price but there are other options using which you can minimize your price. Older car models come with a restriction for the users to use AUX cords. There is advanced Bluetooth technology that one can use and this is, by far, present in every modern car.
  • The safety features are quite important for a first-time driver who is still gaining experience on the road safety. There is advanced technology that comes in modern cars, better than the previous car version. Now, there is a better parking system and braking version in the car that helps the driver make better choices while driving.

Here are some tips regarding selecting car leasing for young drivers

The SEAT Ibiza:

This is a brilliant car that brings sporty good looks and adds a star to your personality. Many features of this car make it different when compared to other cars.It comes with wireless mobile charging option and audio streaming. This car has made no compromise on the safety part as it has pedestrian detection that gives every young driver a sense of reassurance.

Skoda citigo:

This is an affordable and economical driving option that you can have at your place. The car comes with stylish looks and an attractive finish. It can be turned even more stylish with the use of some stripes on the car and alloys that can bring looks that are more attractive to your car. Some models fall into a cheaper insurance group under the list of best choices for the young drivers to make with their vehicle.

Ford Fiesta:

This is considereda great car that you can depend and rely on.The performance that the car brings to you is unparalleled. It comes of no surprise that this car is one among UK’s best-sellingcars. The car is well tested for safety and comes with plenty of space. Get your car of choice and remain stress-free! For more information on the above, you can always check out their website.

Why total stone care as the repairing Maven

Why total stone care as the repairing Maven

Curtailing the habit of procrastination when it comes to your home, anything broken or damaged is very common here and, now why procrastinate? Then, this is a matter of thinking that who to talk to or who to depend upon during this problem.

Thus, Total StormCare is perfect problem solvers of the present and the masters in saving after effects of damage and thus, are the best in collision repair.

What is it?

What matters is the basic logical sense that the disaster has happened and but how to cope up with this grave situation. Yes, the companies are many, but what handles the utmost impossible is this total storm care for the collision repair.

This company basically has a repair system for the vehicles damaged during any natural disaster or accident.

Services available

The collision repair center has following services or brands to take care of the same,

  • Continental collision –Austin

They are convenient and 24 hour towing is available.

They provide good to see transportation within the local area

They render lifetime warranty working with all major insurance companies they also have options for car rental services

They are and I -CAR gold class professionals and a recognised auto body shop.

  • Chuck Fairbanks Chevrolet Body Shop DeSoto

This relates to high car certified technicians

This has courtesy transportation and has car rental options

They can work with all major insurance companies has written lifetime warranty

  • Garland Cadillac Collision Centre-Garland

This has been rendered I car gold certified technician

Provides repairs that  our factory certified

They render courtesy transportation

They have written lifetime warranty and work with all insurance companies

  • Granbury Nissan

They provide dent removal (PDR)

They also render written lifetime warranty

They work with all major insurance companies they also provide other services like glass repair and replacement

  • Graphs Chevrolet

They have an experience of60 years of auto body repair.

They have state of the art collision repair technology

They are rendered with I-CAR gold standard awards

They also work with all major insurance companies

  • Southwest Collision Center

They provide free computerized estimates

They also provide a lifetime warranty

They have a system of complete detailing

They provide free vehicle pickup and delivery

They provide glass replacement as an added service

  • Patriot collision center
  • El Dorado collision center
  • Atkinson Toyota collision center
  • Waxahachie Ford collision center
  • Roger Williams collision center


The matter of concern is the damage that relegates an industry like collision repair. This industry standard is the best available and provides the most needed services that are promising and highly certified.

So, as above this collision repair company takes care of each and every bit and part of the car you own, saving on the dents if not accidents.

Autonvaraosat - Your reliable partner in the world of spare parts!

Autonvaraosat – Your reliable partner in the world of spare parts!

Holidays are getting closer, so we are already planning where to travel by car. It does not matter whether we prefer to drive to the ocean, or visit good friends or if we like to drive on the highway to foreign countries. Safety should always be our priority when we think of vacations and short trips.

Most of us would turn to the service station when it comes to maintenance or repair of the car. But have you ever thought about doing it all on your own instead? It can be a lot of fun and moreover, you may be able to save a lot of time and money.

First of all, it is very important to know where to get reliable components from. These components will have to be compatible with your car, otherwise it could end rather expensive or dangerous for you.

Autonvaraosat will offer you a wide range of qualitative spare parts and a convenient search system so that you will definitely find all you are looking for within a few seconds. All you have to do for this is select the brand of your vehicle, the model and the engine. Now you will be presented a huge assortment of reliable components that we have in stock. Just choose between items from well-known manufacturers and you will soon be convinced that doing it all on your own is definitely worth it!

Do you still have any questions left regarding the choice or the order itself? Feel free to contact the friendly and competent specialists of our customer service. They are glad to help you on any issues.

Do not hesitate any longer – order everything you need right now at Autonvaraosat – your reliable partner in the world of spare parts! Most of us would turn to the service station when it comes to maintenance or repair of the car. But have you ever thought about doing it all on your own instead? It can be a lot of fun and moreover, you may be able to save a lot of time and money. Holidays are getting closer, so we are already planning where to travel by car. It does not matter whether we prefer to drive to the ocean, or visit good friends or if we like to drive on the highway to foreign countries. Safety should always be our priority when we think of vacations and short trips.

First of all, it is very important to know where to get reliable components from. These components will have to be compatible with your car, otherwise it could end rather expensive or dangerous for you. It does not matter whether we prefer to drive to the ocean, or visit good friends or if we like to drive on the highway to foreign countries.


Things To Remember When You Are Purchasing Your New Vehicle

When purchasing a new vehicle, you may opt for a new or used one. Nevertheless, the purchasing process may be somewhat daunting not knowing the brand, the features or the model that will suit you best. This means that there are numerous factors that you should consider before purchasing settling with a certain vehicle. Here are some of the things that you should remember when buying a new vehicle to ensure that you get exactly what you want and within your budget.

  1. Consider Your Financing Options

Before looking for a vehicle that you may be interested in purchasing, you must first evaluate your financing options. For instance, you may have some savings and your local dealership can accept a deposit worth a certain amount and later on pay up the balance through monthly instalments. In such an instance, you must evaluate whether your savings are enough to finance the deposit and whether your income can be able to finance the monthly instalments. You may also carry out some research on the available loans that you qualify for.

  1. The Value of the Car Affects the Insurance Policy

When purchasing a car, you need to be knowledgeable about car insurance policies because there are numerous options available for you. You should get your insurance from a reputable insurance company. One fact you need to know about vehicle insurance is that the price of the car affects the insurance policy. Factors that are put into consideration by the insurance company are such as the likelihood of theft, the repair costs and the model among factors. The evaluation criteria vary from one insurance company to the other, and you may find that some insurance companies may refuse to cover high-value cars. You must compare car insurance types to ensure you get the best and affordable cover for your new car

  1. You Should Shop Around First

You must carry out some research on the cars that you are interested in to ensure you get the right one for you. In this case, you should buy your car from the first dealer you visit at first until you visit several others to compare their deals. For this process to be smooth, you need to know the type of car you want. Maybe you want a car that can maneuver the off-road or any other place, or you want a car with a larger capacity to accommodate your large family. In short, you will have to determine your needs first and then go shopping for your car.

  1. Always Confirm Your Credit Score

It is important to know your credit score. With a poor credit score or bad credit history, it will be hard for any lender to trust that you will repay their money. In this case, if you are planning to take a loan to buy your car, you must ensure that you have a high credit score. Also, do some research on interest rates that are available from different financiers so that you may negotiate with the car dealers before the purchase process commences.

  1. You Should Compare the Prices

The prices for cars may vary from one dealer to another, and it is, therefore, important to compare these prices and choose the dealer who gives value for your money. If you do know a lot about cars, you should go shopping with someone who is more knowledgeable to avoid getting confused. You can also utilize different online services that provide details about cars including prices. Once you have information about car pricing from various dealers, you will be in a better position to negotiate and eventually chose the dealer who gives you the best deal.

  1. Peruse Through the History of the Car

Before visiting a car dealer, you must first look for consumer reviews. These reviews will guide you on whether the car dealer has a good reputation or not. Such a background check is usually important, especially when purchasing a used car. You can also check the car logbook through the DMV to know its history to prevent future problems with the car.

  1. Always Carry Out a Test Drive

When purchasing a car, you must request for a test drive. Before the test drive, you should inspect the car to ensure that it is in good condition. After the inspection process, you may now take the car for a test drive to ascertain that the car does not have any technical hitch. If you are satisfied with the car after the test drive, you can go ahead and buy it. You can rely on your auto mechanic to carry out the test drive because he will be able to notice even the slightest problem.

When buying a car, you need to have these various factors in mind especially if it’s your first car to ensure you get your dream car that falls within your budget.


The Recent Lineup of BMW M Series

Scripting history has become a habit at BMW and the recent additions to the ‘M’ Series consisting of high-performance coupes, sport activity cars and convertibles with technology and engineering inspired from the race tracks proves this. San Luis Obispo BMW dealer was a natural choice to get a better look at the recent lineup of BMW M Series and understand what these are made up of.

The M2 Competition Coupe

Loaded with some advanced sport capability through a bigger more powerful turbocharged engine the M2 is the most completive of the M Series lineup. Add the optional M Double-clutch Transmission with Drivelogic (DCT) to the 3.0-liter M TwinPower Turbo inline 6 and you are giving yourself a 405 hp and 406 lb-ft torque producing devil that takes you buzzing 0-60 in a hair raising 4.0 seconds. The M Sport chassis adds dynamism and you get compound brakes, and performance-tuned Active M Differential for safety, balance and comfort. The sport seats and tech on the interior is replete to keep you firmly seated and connected at the same time.

The Dynamic M3

If the M2 was all about sport grade performance, the M3 pushes the limits with its highly responsive engine and smooth M Double Clutch transmission that allow quick acceleration yet demonstrating perfect road grip and comfort. The M3 comes with a shattering 425 hp and 406 lb-ft torque generating high pressure turbocharged but extremely light weight 3.0-liter inline 6 engine that can take you 0-60 in 3.9 seconds. The tech on the vehicle is aided by the iDrive 6.0 navigation with voice recognition built in that understands natural language that provides a great experience for drivers.

M4 Power Coupe

Raising the bar further, the M4 loaded with the competition package takes you the 0-60 in 4.1 secs on a manual transmission and this in just 3.9 secs on an automatic transmission. The M4 Power Coupe is loaded with the 3.0 liter, inline 6-cylinder engine with M TwinPower Turbo Technology that otherwise gives you no less than 425 hp followed by 406 lg-ft of torque. Itsavailable as a coupe and convertible and provides some tight handling thanks to its use of lightweight aluminum arms and carbon fiber reinforced plastic on its body.

The Timeless M5

The distinctive styling and use of materials that are not only lighter and stronger but also add loads of beauty and elegance as in its carbon fiber reinforced plastic contoured roof that gives it a strong timeless character. The M5 comes in two luxurious models that feature a 4.4-liter BMW M Performance TwinPower Turbo V-8 engine, the 2019 M5 Sedan and 2019 M5 Competition. The Sedan we are told produces 600 hp and 553 lb-ft of torque and the Competition model a 617 hp with the same torque.

M6 Gran Coupe

The showstopper at BMW dealer San Luis Obispo is the M6 Gran Coupe that is equipped to set your adrenalin soaring and its V8 that generates 560 horsepower and 500 lb-ft of torque is not for the meek hearted. It’s a combination of extreme aerodynamic styling on the outside and elevated luxury on the inside.

used trucks for sale in Raleigh

Tell-Tale Signs That A Used-Car Has Been In An Accident

If you want to buy a used-car follow these simple steps in determining if it has experienced an accident or not.

It is always a tricky proposition if you decide to buy a used car regardless if it is a sedan, a truck, a sports utility vehicle (SUV), or a luxury car , because finding the right one always boils down to depend on what the previous owner promises to you and take their word for it, except if you dissect the car yourself then you will find out whether or not the previous owner is telling the truth.

With that being said, there are signs that you can tell if that car has already been in an accident or not and this is very crucial or rather very important for you to know before you decide to get lured into the deceits of its previous owner in buying that particular used car.

According to a trusted dealership of used trucks for sale in Raleigh, there are a lot of car owners that do not fully divulge or written down the history report of the cars that they turn over to dealerships which result in costly maintenance, frequent repairs, or maybe untimely accidents that is why you should look for the signs that tell you that a car has been in an accident before.

Listed down below are the tell-tale signs that a car previously had an accident.

1.       UNEVEN PAINT JOB- Knowing that a car is constantly exposed to a lot of elements, in the long run, its paint will inevitably wear out, but if you notice something that has a brighter and newer look from the rest of the car or truck’s paint job, this could be a sign that it sustained a dent or a damaged that scratches off the paint before that it needs to be repainted to make it look normal again.

2.       RANDOMLY PLACED BITS OF PAINT- If you notice some hinges on its trunk which has a different color of the rest of the car, this can be an indication that it was previously damaged before and has been replaced and has undergone repainting to make it look normal again.

used trucks for sale in Raleigh

3.       MISALIGNMENT AND GAPS IN PANELS- In case you do not know, a vehicle’s panels are shaped and sloped with accurate measurements to make it consistent and even the entire time, and if you notice that if the panels have gaps or have different position in terms of its width or a misalignment, yet again, this is a tell-tale sign that it underwent extensive work or repair because of an accident.

4.       AIRBAG PANELS WITH DIFFERENT COLOR- Ninety-nine percent of cars that have a different color and wear of its airbag panels that does not match its interiors was crashed before. We all know that airbags deploy right at the nick of time when a car crashes, and if you notice this kind of anomaly, chances are that the car had crashed before and the used airbag panels were replaced with a brand-new set but has a different color.

5.       RANDOM WELDING MARKS- This might be a sign that a car has been severely damaged before because it came to an extent that it was needed to be welded to bring back its original form. If you spot any welded marks that are too random to be there, especially its machine and under chassis, you should ask the previous owner for a history report because chances are that it was figured in an accident before.


Advantages of Purchasing a Used Car

If you’re on the lookout for a new car, then every advertisement or slick car on the road will catch your attention. However, have you ever given some thought whether a brand new car is worth the investment? Sure, it looks attractive, and it has all the features that would persuade you to purchase it, but it can be an excellent choice to explore other options as well, like used cars. You can discover more about used vehicles by visiting used cars in Riverside.

There are many reasons to purchase a new vehicle, it can save you money and is quite budget friendly; it will also give you the same amount of satisfaction like a new car. Also, it will provide you with quality transportation for many years.


On an average, used cars are half the price of new cars, and that is excellent news for anyone who is on a tight budget. You can pay off your vehicle faster, and it will also save you any financing fees. Customers usually change their cars within six years after the initial purchase. If you have paid anywhere near $10,000 for a used car, instead of paying $20,000 for a new one, you can go for a much nicer car for your next purchase or buy another $10,000 car; thereby, creating a two in one special of your own.


The one complaint that customers usually have about new cars is the rapid depreciation, which tends to happen as soon as they drive off the lot. A new vehicle’s value can drop to a low 11% on the drive back home, which means your car that cost $20,000 will be worth $17,800, and that’s just on your first ride back home! As you continue to use the car over the years, the vehicle will rapidly depreciate. Now, with used cars, the bulk of depreciation has already passed; some used vehicles may even have a better value.

Honest Prices:

Any deal on a brand new car may seem fair and reasonable, but when you go to purchase it, there may be hidden prices or fees like shipping charges, destination fees, and dealer fees; these prices may catch you off guard. New cars may also hide advertising fees that go as high $1,000. Generally, a used car does not have any hidden fees, but you can be charged a doc fee that will be a few hundred dollars.

Less customization cost:

It’s not necessary that you settle for any expensive add-ons when purchasing a used car. You can install your own at a lesser cost than a new car. This is a great way to spend the money you have painfully saved when buying a used car.

Certified and inspected:

Many people assume that used cars can break down regularly and are of low quality, but that is not true. Cars from successfully used car dealers like, used cars in Riverside, ensure that you receive quality vehicles that are thoroughly inspected and certified.

used cars in Selma

Interior Things to Inspect Before Closing Your Used Car Deal

When you buy a used car, you have many options but it can be confusing sometimes. You have to know that finding good used cars in selma has nothing to do with luck. It has everything to do with an inspection. Knowing what to look for in a used car can ultimately help you save expensive repairs down the road.

The first thing to inspect is the exterior. When dealing with the car’s exterior, you are checking for the aesthetic appeal of it. You can consider body form, glass, lights, lenses, tires, and exhaust system. While you want an aesthetic appeal, it is not everything. You need to delve deeper.

It is time to check the car’s interior. Interior is critical since this is where you are going to spend most of your time. You should inspect the following things when you consider a car’s interior:

  • Smell: as soon as you open the door, check the odor of the car. You need to determine if it has mildew or moldy smell. If there is, it is possible that there is water leakage.
  • Seats: you need to ensure that the seats are comfortable. Start by checking for badly worn upholstery. Aside from that, you should also try out the seatbelts and the adjustments.
  • Pedals: you will know if the car has not been driven a lot – it will not show wear and tear on the brakes. If you see that the rubber is worn out, there is a big possibility that the car has been used up a lot.

used cars in Selma

  • Controls: do not neglect to check the control buttons and determine if all buttons are working properly. Essentially, you have to turn the ignition switch (without starting the engine) to see if the warning lights appear for a few seconds. Do not forget to try all the levers and switches.
  • Sound system: it is important that you consider the sound system because it will serve as your entertainment while on the road. Start by turning it on and listen to the radio’s reception. You also need to check the CD, MP3, and iPod players. Do not forget to test the car’s Bluetooth and other connectivity.
  • Roof: when you check the roof, make sure that it doesn’t show any signs of wet stains. Wet stains mean water leaks, which indicate a hole, somewhere.
  • Trunks: the trunk should be free from musty odors.

Aside from these, you should also take note of the engine fluids and radiator. Engine fluids include engine oil and transmission fluid. Engine oil needs to be black or brown without residue or small particles. If you see honey-colored ones, it means that the oil has been changed recently. With the transmission fluid, it should have a pinkish color. The radiator should not show greenish stains because it can indicate possible leaks.

After the inspection, it is crucial not to close the deal yet. You need to take it out for a spin. In other words, you should test-drive the vehicle to see how it performs on the road. While you are at it, listen for clanking and groaning sounds. These sounds are big indicators of a larger problem down the road.