Car has become an essential vehicle for travelling. To feel comfortable, you may require customizing the car with car seat covers or blankets. Both these accessories can make you feel secure and warm. You may have difficulties choosing between a seat cover and temporary car blanket. Also, if you have confusion between these, then here is a complete comparison of car seat cover and simple blanket.

Why do you need a car seat cover or a simple blanket?

Many car owners love to personalize their car interior. Some like their car interior to be mild, sporty, stylish or comfortable. Also, another reason for purchasing these accessories is to make the car more appealing. The car seat covers and blankets not only provide comfort but come with numerous features. Let us see the difference between cover and blankets based on their unique features.

  1. The material

Car seat covers and blankets are made of different materials. But, these accessories can keep you warm in cold conditions. The latest car seat covers are available in velvet, leather, polyester and cotton materials. You can also choose a cover based on styles such as luxury, retro and sporty. Mostly, the car seat material is highly durable and spill-free. A car blanket is available in wool, cotton and leather material. Mostly, the car blanket is made up of material that comes with heating technology. The main purpose of the car blanket is to keep you warm.

  1. The durability

Car seat covers are sturdy and durable. They last without tearing for many years. The car blanket is also durable, but the lifespan of this accessory is very less. After some time, the blanket may tear easily.

  1. The size

You can get different sizes of car seat covers. There are bucket fit seat covers that provide ultimate and snugly fit for the car upholstery. There is also neo and regular fit seat cover available. The regular fit covers are easily available for any car size. On the other hand, there are small, medium and large car blankets available. It is important to think about the size of the blanket cord.

  1. The safety

The car seat covers are not only fancy, but they come with numerous safety features. You can get a seat cover that comes with quality air backs, belts and straps. There are special custom made covers for babies. This detachable baby seat cover provides more safety and protection for the infant. Also, there are non-inflammable blankets that protect you from fire accidents.

  1. The maintenance

You can clean and maintain a car seat cover effortlessly. Also, they are waterproof, spill-free and stain –free. This makes it even simpler to clean the car with just one wipe. On the other hand, some of the car blanket materials are easy to maintain. For ease of maintenance, you may have to choose the right blanket.


Both car seat covers and blankets are very different from each other. Also, both accessories serve different purposes. Based on your preference, you can choose the right one.


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