The Apple carplay is a great dedication for the people who have an iPhone. This will be a great boon while using the driving the car. With the help of carplay the people who are in travel can enjoy the technical features without getting into any kind of distraction. This is the reason why the usage of this Apple standard is highly increasing. The people who own a new iPhone may not be used to it. This article is written in order to reveal some of the important benefits of Apple carplay. Through the following discussions the newbie can understand about this concept in better.

Hands free texting

One of the most common problem experienced by the people who are driving is they cannot text while driving. Even if they attempt to text with their hands, they may get diverted and the chances of getting exposed to accident will be higher in these cases. But this will never be an issue while using the Apple carplay. The Apple carplay has a Siri function through which one can make texts without their hands. By enabling this option, one can dictate the text message which they want to enter. And the other interesting thing is the option Siri will also read the texts.


Even though the iPhone has its own reminder, the Apple carplay will act as a real time reminder. Even if the user is busy that they cannot check out their reminder, the audible message will be raised while the user is entering and leaving the car. Thus, they cannot ignore the message at any extent. Obviously this will also let them to face their commitments at right time.

 This will be a great boon for the people who have the habit of forgetting the important dates.


Obviously many people are using it just in order to get better guidance over the navigation. This will provide the most updated and accurate information for the users.

Apart from these, they involve various benefits than they sound to be. The Apple carplay can also be temporarily or permanently stopped while they are not in use. There are several options through which this can be disabled easily without putting forth more effort. However, the beginners may not be aware of these factors. People who are not aware of these solutions can consider the following link to gain better information about it.

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