Workshop manuals are an essential part of repairing your car properly, without expert advice, even the most simple repairs can become a nightmare.

But even ‘professional’ advice can let you down unless you find a genuinely good mechanic, which is often a dime a dozen.

Personally I have taken my car to many repair shops to get the car back worse than when I dropped it off, down the line a new mechanic will look at the car and find the problems created by the previous, who then make further mistakes themselves.

While I did eventually find my own reliable mechanic, I burned thousands of dollars in the search, hence why doing most repairs at home is a popular method for most car enthusiasts and those mechanically minded.

When I was young I would repair most of my cars myself, and relied upon printed workshop manuals to help me in doing repairs, the majority of these repairs came out fine when using the workshop manual, while those that the manual didn’t cover often didn’t come out the best.

The problem is most aftermarket workshop manuals do not cover everything about the car, they tend to focus on the main areas but neglect details such as body panels, electrical wiring diagrams and interior components, often these areas are valuable but not available in aftermarket manuals.

When it comes to repairing your own car at home, you really need something that the dealerships have had in their possession for decades prior, that is an original factory service manual.

A factory service manual is a book created by the car company themselves, and provide their mechanics all the advice and specifications they need to repair literally everything on the car, without these most dealerships would be relying on back and forth information between engineers which isn’t ideal, also mechanics would need a far greater amount of training as everything would need to be physically taught, with a wide range of cars changing every few months, this isn’t a good way to be efficient and reliable in repairing the companies products.

Hence the manufacturers factory service manual was created, and is used worldwide as the primary method of education and repairs for all cars from dealerships.

These manuals are however limited in availability unless you know where to look, we had searched thousands of websites in the past trying to find one that is legitimate and able to provide a factory service manual for free, the best we found so far is a website called All Car Manuals.

Check their website and see if your car is listed, the manuals they provide are genuine factory service manuals, and cover everything you would ever need to repair your car yourself.

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