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The 2020 Ford Mustang makes one of those irresistible choices that delivers performancethrough its entire lineup, irrespective of what price you decide to pay. With its naturally attained agility, the 2020 edition of Ford Mustang can strike the perfect balance between its retro styling cues with a modern way of handling the driving conditions, be it a stern weather, an untamed road surface or a novice driver sitting behind the wheel.

As rightly said by one of the recent buyers of the 2020 ford Mustang whom we met at the Terre Haute Ford dealer showroom, this model is ready to cater a wide range of preferences through its dynamic lineup feature packages. So, anyone who decides to buy a 2020 Ford Mustang this season will certainly get to enjoy a heap of advantages. Knowing this, we wanted to know what they are and share with you the same.

Advantages of Buying a 2020 Mustang

To cater to different tastes, preferences and affordability of buyers, Ford has taken the right steps to distribute the goodness of the Mustang series in interesting bunches of features and making them available in affordably arranged price tags. Right from the choices of engines to different body styles, anyone can shop the 2020 Ford Mustang in the shape and capability they like.

While the body styles of the 2020 Ford Mustang models are given the shapes of both coupe and convertibles, one can also bargain its performance level from a wide range of engine capabilities and drivetrain choices.

But what comes inevitably with every 2020 Mustang irrespective of the trim you choose, is a throaty exhaust note, highly agile body moves, a consistently decent ride, and a near-luxurious comfy zone offered through its interior layout.

Terre Haute Ford dealer

Dynamic Lineup Packages

Ford has added to the 2020 year lineup of Mustang two new power performance variants. One is the 2.3 High Performance Package and the other is the Mustang Shelby GT500. With these, the 2020 lineup of the Mustang series now counts the trims as EcoBoost, GT, Bullitt, GT350, and GT350R.

The 2.3 High Performance Package makes use of the same engine that is there is the Focus RS models while the handling tweaks are borrowed from the GT’s Performance Package. On the other hand, the GT500 glides on the roads with a roaring 760-horsepower making engine that is equipped with a dragstrip power to get all the right moves. Ford has also updated the GT350R trim with a handful of strategic driving dynamics that include a tighter suspension and more accurately responsive steering while theFordPass Connect app comes standard on all the trim levels for this year that connects the drivers and the owners to the car through their phones, through which they can check its current status, can find it, remotely lock and unlock the doors, and can even start the engine from a remote location.

With all these improvements and additions done to the 2020 edition of Ford Mustang, every buyer can enjoy the advantages that are even more than what we could gist down here. To know more about what you can get from one, visit a well-stocked showroom, like that of the Terre Haute Ford dealership and book a test drive today!

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