There’s no such thing as a good accident. Even minor accidents can leave you frustrated and totally disoriented. Worse still, if you had passengers in the car or there was damage to property, the complexities involved are, to say the least, undesirable. When it happens, you’ve to consult with a Ventura car accident lawyer and ensure that you stay on top of things. Here is a guide to determine the level of damage done to your vehicle.

Take a deep breath and keep calm

The most obvious reaction to an accident is to freak out and become restless. Instead, pull yourself together and try your best to remain sober. This reaction gives you an upper hand in taking control of the situation.

Emergency Response

Getting the first step right puts you in a position to render any kind of emergency response required. Call 911 after confirming there are injured people in need of help and that your vehicle has suffered some form of damage.

Also, you’ll need to assess and determine whether or not it is safe to leave the cars in the scene of the accident. Depending on the location, it might be prudent to move the cars to a safe spot as leaving them at the exact spot might prove to be even more dangerous. Otherwise, everything should be left in the exact spot until the arrival of the police.

Documentation of the accident details

The next step is to document the physical damage to the car. Take photos of the scene with everything in their exact position. Take several angles and try to aim for maximum clarity of the pictures. Use pen and paper to cover as many damage details as possible. If there are eyewitnesses present, get their names, contact details and their account of what preceded the crash.

Don’t engage in an argument with them in case their version of the events is different from yours. If the witnesses are hesitant to give their details, make it clear to them that the details are solely for insurance purposes.

Other details you may need to include:

  • Missing items such as wallet/purse contents, glasses, electronics, etc.
  • Photos or short video of skid marks on the road
  • Document any sign of injury to your body whether physical or internal
  • Don’t sign any document you’re fully aware of its purpose

Work with the police

When the police arrive at the scene, allow them to take charge of the scene. Comply with the directions given by the police. Ask for a copy of the police report as soon as it is ready.

Call an accident lawyer

It’s very important that you get an expert and experienced person to walk you through this process. While at the scene of the accident, don’t be coerced into admitting guilt. You should only discuss the details of the crash with the accident lawyer. The professional will guide you so that you don’t make serious mistakes that the insurance company can use to deny you compensation.

The lawyer will help in determining the party responsible for the crash and the resulting damages.

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