We can all agree that using electronic transportation alternatives is much better for the environment and traffic congestion.

This is especially true if you live in a major city and overpopulated area. Therefore, instead of taking your car or ridesharing, you can start your e-bike and enjoy all the way.

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However, you can rest assured, because you can avoid being sweaty and tired when you reach your work because e-bikes are convenient because they feature a motor that will help you commute and ride effortlessly

Of course, you still have to pedal, but you will not feel a thing, which will allow you to handle long distances with ease. Generally, e-bikes are the future of transportation, especially in major cities.

Finding numerous options available on the market is simple, especially when it comes to sizes and shapes that will accommodate your taste.

European options feature high-end and tech designs to improve your convenience while still maintaining cycling for numerous health benefits such as staying fit.

If you live in China or the EU, you probably know everything about them. However, in the USA, this particular trend started a few years ago.


The Basic Characteristics

The Motor Placement

It is vital to mention that most of them feature power assist that comes with pedals to boost your convenience while riding. On the other hand, you can also find a full-throttle option that will reduce the need for pedaling along the way.

Generally, in pedal assist, you need to cycle. As soon as you push the pedals, that will engage a small engine found at the rear, front or middle depending on the type.

The motor will give you a push and boost to cruise through rough terrain, handle long distances as well as problematic inclines and up hills.

You can choose two motor types hub-drive that feature motor in the rear or front depending on your preferences and mid-drive engines that feature motor in the middle of it. We can consider numerous advantages and disadvantages of both choices.

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The main characteristic of hub-motors is more affordable because they will provide you unsteady balance. After all, the motor will affect either rear or front wheel. However, they are reliable for commuting and long rides.

On the other hand, mid-drives tend to be lighter and smaller, which means that you can use them for off-road terrains and hilly areas.

They will provide you the exceptional torque, which makes them more expensive solutions than hub-motor e-bikes that you can find on the market.

At the same time, using the motor, which is at the center of the bike, will provide you an exceptional balance when compared with other types. It means that you will be able to handle them with ease.


They come with numerous sensors that will determine the amount of power you should get along the way. In most cases, you can choose either cadence or torque sensors.

Remember that torque sensors depend on how hard you cycle, while cadence depends on how fast you are doing it. Most of the exceptional bikes will use torque sensors, while the affordable ones will feature cadence instead.

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We recommend you to test both types to determine the best fit for your particular driving style. In case you wish to use a bike for touring, off-roading, and commuting, you should find the proper motor placement, which will improve your enjoyment.

Have in mind that mountain e-bikes feature mid-range motors, while the commuting bikes that you will use in towns and cities are cheaper and come with the hub-based engine.


When it comes to power, you should consider the measurements such as volts, watts, and amp-hours, which will help you determine everything about them. In most cases, you will be able to check the power rating at the specification sheet.

For instance, if the bike features 750W, that may be challenging to understand because you will not get a description of whether it is actual power and peak power. EU regulations state that the max power can reach up to 250W, which is why you should ignore this particular factor.

The best way to determine the amount of power is by checking the battery’s voltage as well as amp-hours. You should multiply voltage with the amp-hours to determine the number of watts that you can use in a single hour of riding.

If some bike features a 750W power rating with a battery pack that features 14 amp-hours and 48-volt. Then, you should multiply 14 with 48, and you will get 672 watt-hours. Therefore, each mile that you decide to travel will be able to handle approximately 20 watt-hours.

By using this example, you will determine that in a 672-watt hour pack, you will be able to handle 34 miles in a single charge.

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