If you have recently purchased a used car, what comes next in the queue of your to-do-list, is having a rough knowledge on how to maintain it. Since, it isn’t a new car, the coverage deal from the dealer would be different from that of a new car. More responsibility would be there in your court rather than the manufacturer or the dealer. To make most out of the purchase and enjoying the true worth of the vehicle, few basic maintenance tips would do the job as these tips are suggested by the experts of a famous Kansas City used car dealer.

  1. Taking the Car for Servicing on a Regular Basis

Maintaining regular intervals in car servicing or subscribing to annual servicing is the first thing that is important for maintaining a used car, though that is the last thing people tend to do. Thorough checking of each and every part, becomes necessary because as a used car, all the parts might have gone through enough wear and tear before it came to your hands. A regular maintenance not only would keep up the performance level but would assure safety as well.

  1. Changing Oil in Regularly: –

Every auto brand would suggest a definite time and distance schedule forthe oil-change as changing the engine oil in time is good for the health of the engine and its parts as the engine needs to remain lubricated through its life span. The lubrication of engine would keep increasing life of the vehicle and also help in saving fuel and environment from wastage and damage. One more thing to remember is changing the oil filter with every oil changing session.

  1. Checking the Fluid Levels

To remain rest assured of a high-performance level and a longer life span of used cars, it needsto keep a regular check of fluid levels and maintaining them. The fluids include transmission and battery fluids and coolant fluid. Recording the changing dates and setting a reminder to check them again would prevent the car from getting hot and damaged.

  1. Checking the Brakes

The safety of the car as well as the car occupants depend largely on the condition of the brakes. Thus, the brake pads of the vehicle demand a thorough checking and being replaced when required.

  1. Washing the Car

As suggested by the KC used car dealer, giving the car a regular wash in smaller intervals with pressure, applying car polish and sparkles would bring back the jazzy look any used car would need. Vacuum cleaning of the interiors and changing the mats would refresh the interiors and won’t let the car wear a tired look.


Even an apparently small negligence while maintaining a used car can lead to a serious collapse or breakdown at an odd hour. Doing bit by yourself, even with minimum mechanical knowledge can save a lot on the repair bills. Maintaining a record book and setting up a schedule for all these maintenance work would expand the life span of the vehicle as long as you need to run it.

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