Driving is in no doubt, one of the best ways to get around. In fact, in today’s world, it is no longer considered a luxury. To be qualified as a driver, you need to get a driver’s license, and that can only be achieved through a drivers school. The process involves understanding traffic laws and gaining driving skills.

Now, the previous paragraph mentioned something about the traffic laws; well, you can still call them traffic rules. These are a set of instructions put in place by the authorities to ensure a smooth and safer driving experience acceptable by all road users.

Breaking any of these set of rules or laws can attract penalties of fines or jail term among other penalties. This is one of the ways that road sanity is always ensured or maintained. One of the common traffic offenses in the roads today is what is considered as driving under the influence or in simple terms DUI. California DUI laws are some of the requirements which ensure that such crimes are understood and possibly avoided.

The following tips will help ensure that you keep off DUI related penalties

  1. Understand the law

Different states have different laws that govern or handle driving under the influence cases. Violating them will usually attract varied penalties depending on your location. It is therefore vital to be aware of what is regarded as a misdemeanor and what can be termed as a felony. Both cases attract different penalties, and it will be essential to understand what penalty is attracted by what. Some of the penalties include;

  • Suspended license
  • Fines (depending on your situation)
  • Community service
  • Jail term (again depending on your location)
  • Probation
  1. Stay below bac

Bac or blood alcohol content is a way or a method of making sure th


at you do not pose a danger to your self and or other road users. The blood alcohol content is the amount of alcohol in mg in every 100ml of your blood. Going beyond the legally acceptable levels will land you in jail or attract other penalties allowed by the law. Again different states have different limits, though in most states anything beyond 0.15 is considered way beyond the limits.

  1. Don’t drink and drive

Sometimes you might be too busy to read and understand what the laws in your area say about driving under the influence. If that is the case, it is, therefore, vital to keep off the driver’s wheel when you are intoxicated. That will save you the possible dangers on the roads, which may claim your life and other road users. If by any chance you have to use private means to get around, it would be vital to designate a driver or catch a taxi.

  1. Do not be over-excited

What does this mean? If you take some alcohol, but within the legally acceptable range it is not guaranteed that you are perfect to drive. You will still need to be disciplined, in fact, extra disciplined. That will be the surest way of keeping trouble and danger away.

  1. Go the technology way

In today’s world, technology is such a blessing. You probably must be owning a smartphone, and there are plenty of mobile applications that will help you keep off trouble on the roads. These mobile applications among other reasons can;

  • Make you understand the laws
  • Measure your alcohol content

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