Car incentives do vary widely from dealer to dealer, vehicle to vehicle and term to term. The established manufacturers like GM, Ford, or Volkswagen are more likely to offer incentives to the domestic car buyers while they might refrain to do so for foreign buyers.

Again the ways and means of offering customer incentives would varyin the modes. Sometimes they may even lease out incentives as hidden dealer rebates.

Here we have collected from the Seaside VW dealers, a few popular ways how they offer their customersincentives, for giving them a chance to serve.

Cash Back Rebates

Cash back rebates is one of the most common and popular types of car incentive found in dealerships across the globe. In this system the car manufacturers offer cash rebates to the consumers directly whenever they make a purchase before a specific date. A cash back incentiveusually the carto be selling in lesser ratethan estimated. The incentives might typically get rolled over months together and even be increased in some cases.

Finance Incentives

Low car financing rates are incentive system that are becoming popular since 2001. In most cases financing incentives are offered parallelly with cash back rebates, where the financing rates would roughly vary from 0% to 4.9% stretching up to 72 months for buyers who meet their selection criteria. People with good credit score generally qualify for availing the best rates.

Loyalty Programs

Another way of dealers providing customer incentives is through loyalty programs where other types of “bonus” incentives can add up several hundred dollars to the savings. The Loyalty incentives are generally given to the car owners of the same brand of vehicle to keep them along and reward them for trusting them one more time.

Through such loyalty manufacturers look forward tobenefitting those customers who continue to buy from them. It is mostly found the shape of a rebate that usually amount something around $500 or even more. In the same lines, there are some other kinds of incentives called Conquest Cash that reward the buyers who are owners of a different brand of vehicle. This is to attract the customers of other brands so that they feel like switching from their earlier brand.

Dealer Rewards

These are the incentives that get fuzzy with each manufacturer. They have their own special rewards program to provide the dealers with some kickbacks to meet certain targets or other sales goals. These incentives are given to achieveto mark higher customer satisfaction as well as someimprovements in the dealership. Sometimes these incentives remain hidden while some get released with every vehicle sold from the dealership.

The Bottom Line

As revealed by the Seaside Volkswagen dealer, apart from the above said incentive programs there are even some more where the dealerships or the manufacturers offer cash to their customers. To avail these incentives, what thecustomers can do their best is to find out which incentives are currently making rounds, and which are the ones offered in your vicinity.All you have to do is to check with all the local dealers around.

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