Although Australia has one of the best public transportation facilities in the world, experts are of opinion that the best means of transport to explore this country is a car (including a campervan).

Another beauty of Australia is that it has all types of roads, including topnotch concrete highways and bumpy fire trails.

So, if you’re planning to explore this wonderful country, buy a car in Australia or hire reliable import American cars to Australia with Import Direct Car Sales, get the car and head out.

1. Where to Start?

Entire Australia is bordered by the huge 14,935km long Highway 1 and every mainland capital is connected to it.

A record of 5 days and night has been set for a lap around Highway 1 by 4 guys. But they continuously drove stopping only for food, fuel and toilet breaks.

However, you’re planning a holiday most probably with your family and have no intention to set a record.

So, looking at it practically, it should take around a month for you if you are abiding speed limits and stopping to eat and sleep.

But even this doesn’t sound much fun. Hence ideally three months would be a sensible amount of time for this adventure.

Still, there are a lot of people who allow an entire year. Plus, grey nomads spend the last years of their lives on the road and travel this road continually.

2. Where to Stop?

Although Highway 1 does a great job of connecting the whole Australian mainland, it’s actually a huge ring road. The must-visit parts of the country need considerable detours from the big lap.

If you’re passing by cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide, Brisbane, Darwin and Perth, you should take a look in.

For example, South Australia hosts Kangaroo Island which has a pristine nature reserve, and Victoria’s Great Ocean Roadis besieged with wonderful beaches and wildlife.

Kakadu National Park in the Northern Territory is one of the wildest lands in the world, and the Gibb River Road in WA is a section of quintessential outback, never to be missed.

When you count the huge array of scenic detours, you can understand why people would spend an entire year travelling around Australia.

3. Finding the Right Car

The first thing you’ll need for your road trip is of course a reliable car. Renting a campervan is also a feasible option because it will have beds and even a shower.

The best option is of having an expert American classic car imports at Import Direct Car Sales. You just have to get the car serviced before you leave.

4. Packing the Right Supplies and Tools

Besides the vehicle of your choice, you will have to pack a few more essentials.


Whether it’s in the form of an internal plumbing setup, a conduit carrier or a plastic jerry, you’ll have to carry at least 20 litres of water all the time.

Cooking Supplies

You’ll neither cook over an open fire every night nor eat out for every single meal. While a portable BBQ and kitchen would be perfect, a little butane burner too will be just fine.

So, with these tips, are you ready to set out on your Australian adventure?

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