A Device to Help You Use Your Phone Safely While Driving

One of the worst parts about driving is that we can’t really use our mobile phone because we need to concentrate on the road. That split second of attention taken away while driving on a busy road could result in an accident. Admittedly we take things for granted in life and one of the old sayings go ‘It won’t happen to me’ – then it does. What would you say if we told you there is a way that you can safely keep your eyes on the road and not need to glance down at your phone?

Well, you can because there is a device out there called the VIZR, which has been released by FIXD. This is essentially a device that mimics the screen on your mobile phone onto a much large screen that can be attached to your dashboard. Literally, this means you can look out at the road and quickly glance at the device on your dashboard while still keeping one eye on what is happening in front of you.

The device is actually a HUD or heads up display and it has been dubbed as one of the best technology inventions for drivers who need to keep a constant eye on their phone. Another advantage to this device is that you can use your Google Maps safely without having to continuously pick up your phone to ensure you are going in the right direction. How often do you see people hold their phone in one hand and steer the car with the other hand just so they can make sure they are going in the right direction? The HUD stops this from happening.

You can use the device in any car, so there is no need to go out looking for a model that suits your car. It is a one size fits all device. It also has a nigh and day display so you will never have a problem with visibility on the screen itself.

It comes with an application and within the application are loads of extra features you can use. You can also bring up your own apps installed on your smartphone, so you are not tied into using the HUD app that comes with the device.

Connecting to the device is also very simple. It is an out of the box solution – at least to some extent. You will need to follow the instructions to mount it onto your dashboard, but once you have it in place, all you need to do is connect to it wirelessly from your smartphone. If you need to adjust the angle, you can so you have the HUD facing in exactly the direction you need it for the best view possible.

Now when you read all of this, it may seem like it is expensive, but really this is such an affordable device it is shocking. For as little as £40.00 you can have this device attached to your dashboard. What a bargain! Check out Digtology for the VIZR review.


Who Should Buy the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta?

When we first saw the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta at the Moreno Valley Volkswagen showroom, at the first glance it appeared to be a mild-mannered, compact sedan that must bewell-equipped from within. But when we got inside to explore the model as a test drive our experience added much more content to all that we were thinking so far.

The first thing we realized when we climbed in the cabin if the 2019 Volkswagen Jetta, is that, it is a storehouse of assets. The compact sedan interior cabin is not only is roomy, but comfortable because of its well-made structure and high end materials, that makes you feel as a winner as it pays a good value to whatever you have invested in it.

The Lineup of 2019 Jetta

The 2019 edition of the Volkswagen Jetta comes in the trim series of S, SE, R-Design, SEL, and SEL Premium models, that now includes the new GLI S, GLI 35th Anniversary Edition, and GLI Autobahn for this year. The Jetta of 2019 year edition can be recommended to all prospective car buyers who are looking for a good four-door sedan. Of course, for them, there are very less models in this segment that can give the 2019 Jetta a tough competition.

This year’s Jetta has nothing in common with its 2018 model, except for the same name. inside its sophisticated, crisp looking yet conservative sheet metal there lies a plethora of modern architectural components like a simple torsion-beam and a multi-link independent rear suspension on the GLI edition.

The Power Packs

To achieve the required amount of power and handling plasticity, Volkswagen has equipped the 2019Jetta with a 1.4-liter turbo-4 enginewith two options to be paired to the transmission that is either a 6-speed manual one or an 8-speed automatic, but finally the powertrain can make a modest 147 of horsepower which is more than enough for a luxury sedan of this size that aims to make a good transport solution for an average sized family.

A turbocharged engine joins the lineup of 2019 Jetta that is engaged to power the GLI trim. This engine is invited in the family of Jetta to make an impressive 228-hp from its 2.0-liter turbo-4 rated capacity and is given the freedom to choose from either a manual or a 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission. A pair of adjustable adaptive dampers make this powertrain options some more value, as it enhances the drive quality to a significant level.

Utility Value

If you have chosen the standard model of 2019 Volkswagen Jetta to drive from any reputed showroom like that of the VW dealership near Moreno Valley, it will return an impressive fuel efficiency count of 40-mpg highway rating from the EPA, barring out all the obtrusive noise from the wind and the outside environment. The seats sit you firm, get you the most desirable lumbar support, which is a vital part of the well-bolstered cabin. To keep your stuff with ease Volkswagen offers a 14.1 cubic-foot of trunk space in the 2019 Jetta that makes enough sense if you think on the terms of its utility value.


2019 Blazer: A Popular Crossover from Chevrolet

The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer is a well-known namein the market of crossovers for its unblemished comfort.The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer came as a reboot and this time it got a reformatted look that made all the difference, and of course it was positive. This new vehicle now got itself placed among the first row models of the mid-size crossover SUV segment that are mostly configured as front-wheel-drives. The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer makes room to sit five adult passengers, while you can accommodate more, if there are kids.

What’s New for 2019

Powered with a base inline-4 engine, the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer offers different trim packages with  L, LT, RS, and Premier models.

At the Moscow Chevrolet dealer, the 2019 year model of the Chevrolet Blazer lookedcompletely different from its past model appearance. With the new crossover look worn at the moment, the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer looks more like a floating canopy than an automobile product.

The Interior Theme

As you get inside the cabin, it won’t take much time to observe the winglike styling themes scattered all over to create an ambience that speaks of novel ideas rather than the conventional ones. The materials used do match well with the concept and do not tend to disrupt the appeal that is carefully tailored by Chevrolet to attract the new generation.

Space is what you get in plenty when you enter the cabin of the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer. Apart from making a comfortable seating for five adult passengers, it offers a flexible cargo space that can be adjusted with a sliding rear seat and can also be folded down to make a flat load floor as well.

Power Options

The base trim of the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer is powered with a 193-horsepower generating inline-4 engine that is crafted with an acceptable groove. The engine is paired to a 9-speed automatic transmission that effectively passes out the power to the front-wheels. A drive withthe base trim of 2019 Blazer feels taut all the wayand that is because of the highly responsive steering that listens to your inputs instantaneously.

There is also an option to drive with a V-6 engine that makes the desirable 308-hp and rides predominantly on the highways with the bigger 20-inch wheels and is configured ideally as an all-wheel-drive. But this option is available only for the Premier and RS trim editions. Overall the rides with the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer feels gutsy and provides a consistently firm ride.

Feature Highlights

The 2019 Chevrolet Blazer achieved its current popularity also because of the feature rich packages in almost every front. While on the safety side you get Blind-spot monitors as standard equipment on almost every Blazer trim, you can mount a surround-view camera system along with the adaptive cruise control feature by paying a few extra bucks if you are choosing the basic trims. But the same is offered as standard on top trims. Base Blazers too are not scanty in power features. You get automatic climate control, infotainment system integrated with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, and Bluetooth on the connectivity side.

Overall, our experience at the Chevrolet Moscow dealership with the 2019 Chevrolet Blazer says, it has all the good reasons to stay popular in the current automobile market.


Find Local Car Dealership Near Me

Old cars can cause you a lot of trouble and make you reluctant about the monthly car payments. There are just not monthly payments but you have to also maintain certain things with it. In that process, you will end up spending more money just on the repair of the car which may cost you more than your car’s value. When it happens, you should look start looking for a new car.

Buying a new car for yourself can be a tricky task. There are lots of things you have to take care of while purchasing a car like the how much horsepower it has, how many gears it has, airbags, its insurance are few to name. You can also search online for car dealerships near me where you can find some good offers on new cars by just sitting your home.

Where you should look for Cars

There is nothing close to the liberty and excitement of having a car of your own. For car purchasers’ bad credit can be a problem as it may raise the rate of interest. But the people with good credit score don’t have to worry about it they can get easy loans at low interest. Even if you are having a bad credit score you can purchase a car on loan. There are banks and insurance companies which are ready to help you with the loan look for the car dealership which can get you a loan with a bad credit score. Not all the people have that kind of money to buy a new car but still have a dream to own a car of their own. Certified Pre-owned car can be a great option for them. The regular pre-owned cars may have some unknowns which can cost you a lot of money but with a certified pre-owned car will save you from these kinds of problems. You should look for car dealerships near me and contact the dealers to get more details about it.

How car dealership works

While driving along any of the main roads you can find a lot of car dealerships. These stores have a lot to offer with new cars and used one. The products on these dealership cars are not that easy to sell.

The dealership of cars works in the following ways:

  • Consignment: The Way the consignment regulates is fairly simple. The company provides these dealers some car which they have to sell and the company expects the desired profit from it. The dealers have to pay back the profit after the selling of a car.
  • Buy To Sell: In this, the dealership has to buy a car or two from the company which it keeps for the customers for test drives. When a customer selects a car, the dealership asks the manufacturer for the exact replica for the customer.

Finding a new car is not a trouble anymore with these dealerships around whose sole duty is customer’s satisfaction. You can easily find online car dealerships near me for further information.

driving lessons

Learn Best Driving Lessons From Expert Instructors

Life is all about schooling. We start our learning process from the day we are born and this continues till lifelong journey. We also realize that classroom learning is as much important like self-schooling. One can learn about professionalism and technicalities only when knowledge is imparted by an expert. One of the most essential things a new driver can invest is in the best driving lessons from expert instructors.

When it comes to learning driving, one usually learns it from family or friends or maybe at times is self-taught. Professional lessons of driving will surely provide the learner with road ethics and skills which not only acquires a driver’s license but also helps in maintaining road safety. These lessons are crafted to meet the ends and gradually helps the learner to build confidence on the road. It teaches more than just car manoeuvring. It builds confidence, knowledge and patience as a driver.

These are the necessary skills which are especially helpful on any busy streets. A professional best driving lessons are equipped with advanced methods and lawfully regulated that a learner needs to know before driving on the roads with ideal knowledge of road operations and signs of the vehicle. A professional is more dedicated to imparting teaching than one would learn from other means. A professional would recognise and evaluate one’s weaknesses and strength and prepare the learner to pass every obstacle as well as an ace to become the learner an ethical and good driver on the road.

Importance Of A Driving School

They have a skilled and professional instructor who can coach driving accurately. One not only learns about the traffic rules, but several mock tests are conducted before issuing the license to the candidate. These mock tests are valuable as it helps in estimating your present condition whether you are ready to drive a vehicle on the road or not.

driving lessons

Things To Remember While Choosing A School

It is very necessary to choose the best driving school as all of them will not provide the best driving lessons. Always check if the school has a certified and professional trainer as you can learn the best of driving lessons only from an excellent faculty. Also, check if they are providing a valid license certification. Make sure to compare the charges to that of other schools as some charges and takes higher course fees than others. Before settling down, read the reviews as it will let you know about the quality of training and services.

Driving on the roads also comes with certain risks and safety is every individual’s foremost concern. Professional best driving lessons instil an immediate reflex and response as a driver in the learner which helps in averting an accident. It is worth every penny, for one thing, no one can take away your education from you.


Wood Steering Wheels Usability & Features For Car Admirers

Wood steering wheels add a different look to your car interior. Many customers want to give a perfect look to their car by adding some accessories with some good interior designs. They work on the dashboards, speakers, seat covers and steering wheels. These accessories add a new look to our car which is pleasant to our eyes. Many companies provide wood steering wheel in affordable rates. These components are arranged in a manner which is similar to our choices. If you reckon your vehicle as a pride you will do everything to grab more attention. These wood steering wheels are manufactured with accurate precision and with fine materials.

Many companies take care of all the interior designs of your car with an exclusive design which suits the dashboard. They blend all the exquisite design to give an extraordinary look. Manufactures provide good services to their customers to beat all the competitors. They purchase materials from the top vendors of the market. They use their guided professionals to work on the services related to interiors of the car. They think about new ideas and design to craft your steering well. By all this, your vehicle belongs to the category of elites.

Services Of Wood Steering Wheels Companies

  • Online quotes for the complete interior designs
  • Catalog of wood steering wheels to choose different alternatives
  • Full support by all means
  • Best materials are used in the complete transformation
  • Good designs that are catchy and attractive
  • Trendsetting varieties are available for customers
  • Fine teak wood with polished surface

 Companies do their best to bring good changes in the car. The interiors are well studied and planned by the designers. They work against all odds to bring a positive change in the car. They provide top-notch services to their customers for better and easy handling.

The wood steering wheels are for car admirers who want to bring a good change to their car. Customers enjoy luxurious wood with a matte finish that feels like a soft leather on touch.

Customers can choose from different brands and cover for their steering. Testimonials are regularly posted by different users on company portals. The color looks classy and pretentious and of high quality. Professionals are available 24*7 for assistance at any time. Users can install the wood steering on its own. They are available in different shapes and size. Returns are easy for all types of wheels.



The current lifestyle has its own demands.Different people meet their needs in different ways. The idea of rental cars makes people rely on cars which are not theirs.The cars come in different makes and models. The rental cars make people to get exposed to different cars easily. Although there are those who prefer going for the same cars. In such a case a person goes ahead to ensure he rents the same car all the time. This might always be possible but it can happen. Exotic car rental is here in town. Technology has shaped our lives in different ways. This has made us live in totally different ways from our ancestors. We are exposed to the current living whereby peo0plearnot used to walk long distances.

Technology came to change us. We are new people from the way we eat, put on clothes and even the way we carry out our daily duties. Our families also tend to have different demands as compared to past lives.Technology has made us get used to certain things and needs. For instance, at present, if you have money for renting a car you just go direct to places where the cars are rented then you get one for yourself.

Exotic car rental

His had enabled many people to enjoy life.Our culture has picked up on a high note. Doctors are complaining that we no longer jog.Many people are becoming obese. We are either indoors watching televisions or outdoors with vehicles riding.Our lives are just too complicated. We are also more sophisticated because most people nowadays prefer urban life. We are just used to a better life where we know that such a life can be found only in town.

Our lives have become delicate. We are just too soft. We depend on technology more than at any other time. This shows that it is the only technology that can rescue us.Our lives are being shaped by the same technology. The many things we see around are all products of technology. Our lifestyle has also changed in a big way since the days of our ancestors. We deal with different aspects of life differently. Our children go to school. When we are sick we go to hospitals. When we communicate we use smartphones.Our lives are just but unique. In our delicate lives, we easily get sick. We are not as hardy as our forefathers. In those olden days, people could stay for years before getting sick.But in our present lives, people get sick easily. We are always in hospitals going for treatment. For sure life has really changed. Our lives are becoming more challenging. We are just doing things differently.


4 Things To Do Before Buying a Vehicle

Purchasing a new vehicle is a big decision that involves a good deal of planning and research. Whether you are a first-time buyer or a seasoned trader, there are many things to think about before committing to a new vehicle. Before you even step foot in a dealership, here are four things you should do to help you find the perfect car for you.

Know What You Want

There are many options on the market, so knowing what you want in a vehicle is the first step in the car-selection process. Do you value fuel efficiency? Do you need plenty of cargo or passenger space? Are you more interested in luxurious features that will turn your vehicle into a home away from home?

The answers to these questions are important for helping you choose the right vehicle for you. If you have a long commute, you may opt for a small car that gets great gas mileage and is easy to navigate. If you have a large family, a spacious SUV may be a more suitable option. If you do a lot of traveling, it may be important to you to have a great GPS system and a built-in wi-fi hotspot. Deciding which features are must-haves and which ones are negotiable can narrow your options so you can find a vehicle the suits your lifestyle.

Set a Budget

Arguably the most important part on the car-buying process is setting a realistic budget. Calculate your monthly finances and see what you could pay for a new vehicle. If you want a luxurious vehicle with many upgraded features, you will have to be able to afford a substantial monthly payment. However, if you can afford to make a reasonable payment each month, you do not have to settle for the cheapest base model on the lot. Knowing your price range gives you a realistic place to start when you begin the search for a new vehicle.

Obtain a Loan

Once you know how much you can spend on a vehicle, it is a good idea to get pre-qualified for a loan. If you have a limited or poor credit history, this may be a difficult step, but it is possible to get a car loan with bad credit. You may have a higher interest rate at first, but having a car loan is a great way to build and improve credit.

If you have a good credit score, you will likely qualify for great interest rates and excellent terms that could help you afford a higher-end vehicle. Getting pre-qualified speeds up the car-buying process and helps it go more smoothly.

Research Your Options

Once you have determined what you want in a vehicle and set a realistic budget, you can begin researching options that fit your criteria. Instead of settling for the first vehicle that meets all of your criteria, check out reviews and safety features to see what other people think of the vehicle. If you want the safest car possible, you may opt for the one with the most safety features, while another vehicle may be more reliable.

You may also want to compare lists of features each vehicle option has. This helps you know where to begin your vehicle search when you get to the dealership without disregarding other options. You should plan to test all of the options on your list to see which one is best suited for you before settling on the perfect vehicle.

Once you have completed these four tasks, you can visit the dealership prepared to make an informed decision on which vehicle is best for you. Knowing what you are looking for makes the entire process go more smoothly and helps you find the vehicle that is best suited for your lifestyle.


How to look like you know what you’re doing with your car

There is nothing that makes a man look quite as manly as being able to service a car. There is something extremely assuring and attractive about a man who knows his way around under the hood of a car. It speaks of a person who is able to protect and provide and a person who is able to make solutions and to survive in adverse conditions. Increasingly though the art of car maintenance and servicing is being lost. This is partly due to the fact modern vehicles are now very tricky to service with their computerized parts and partly due to the fact that in our fast-faced world it is simply easier to take the car to the garage to be sorted. With this in mind here are a few simple tricks to make any man look as though he knows what he is doing.

Use the internet

Just because you have never done a job before doesn’t mean that it cannot be done. A great example of this is servicing or switching out the clutch on your car. Sounds tricky but it actually isn’t. have a little look at YouTube for a tutorial on how this is done, and once complete, run a Google search for something like ‘Chevrolet Corvette clutch kit’. The first is a tutorial on how to do the job, the second will point you in the direction of where to get the part. Thereafter it is all rather easy.

Go under the hood

No matter how fancy and computerised your vehicle may be, make sure that you at least know your way around under the hood. Nothing could be more embarrassing than not being able to open the bonnet for a start, so make sure that you know how to work the catch. Then spend time familiarising yourself with the basic components. Where are the spark plugs, is there a carburettor or does it have injection? Where does the oil go? Can you find the dipstick? Which water is for the radiator and which for the windscreen? Simple questions and ones that you must be able to answer if you ever want to have any credibility.


If you don’t know how to change acar tyre, then you need to make a plan very quickly. Find somebody who knows how to perform this act and get them in for a tutorial. It is a very easy process that requires little more than a jack and some manual labour. Surprisingly though, a recent survey suggested that over half the world’s drivers did not know how to change a tyre or had never tried. This is an astounding statistic and one that you definitely want to be on the right side of. It is every princesses’ dream to be rescued by a knight in shining armour – so make sure that when you come across a princess stranded at the side of the road with a flat tyre, that you are pulling over to help her. She won’t be overly impressed if you just stop to keep her company until the real prince arrives in his tow truck.


How to Get The Best Ferrari Rental in Italy

It is amazing to experience the most impressive driving experience in Italy driving the most exclusive and newest models of super-fast cars. There are many advantages to renting a Ferrari in Italy, instead of just digging into your pocket and buying it.

It’s always a fantastic experience to have a good time in style when you enjoy the time when you treat the person who matters most to you. This is even more surprising if you have an expensive car like a Ferrari.

However, do not worry too much about renting these expensive cars. Be sure to take into account tips on how to rent one and warnings to choose the best deal in the city.


Ferrari is a very expensive car, not only for purchase but also for rent. Therefore, it is important to check whether temporary limitations of liability were provided, such as offers. Before you get the key and deliver the car for a million dollars to the backyard, be sure to immediately pay attention to any temporary insurance policy provided by the rental company. It is recommended to pay only when you find that there is enough coverage that corresponds to the value of the car.

rent a ferrari italy


As with the choice of a medical centre, be sure to find your nearest car rental dealer. There are several independent car rentals in Italy that you can find. Dealers may have a higher or higher rental price than their competitors. However, its price may be too reasonable and you can pay them. The nearest dealer is good because from time to time you can stop by and see which different models you can rent for you.

Friends and Ferrari owners

If you are thinking about renting a Ferrari, you can consult with people you know personally or private distributors. Many individual dealers are always worried about the condition of their cars, pay attention to them and ask if they want to let you rent a Ferrari. In many private cases, rent may be high due to storage charges and maintenance costs.

Driving test

It is always important to request a test drive. Before the date when you plan to rent a car, it is recommended to take a test drive with a reliable, knowledgeable and experienced driver. This will expand your knowledge of how to make the most of the power of the Ferrari engine. The quick start guide will teach you all the settings for how you should work with the wheels.

When you rent a ferrari italy, it is always important to keep information about Ferrari service centres and repair shops. The car may be in good condition, but you never know when you will need to deliver the car to a repair shop. Getting general information about contact numbers and instructions is very important. This can be useful if you need services throughout the trip.

Take a ride through life and choose a Ferrari rental in Italy.