2018 Subaru Crosstrek

Subaru launched the 2018 edition of its four-wheel-drivehatchback Crosstrek with a few more goodies packed in its frame. Starting from the ride quality, better four-wheel-drive capacity and greater gas mileage the redesigned 2018 model of the Crosstrek wears that appeal especially when it could quote all this under the hood at a lower price in comparison to its rivals.

The Cabin

As truly said by the Kearny Mesa Subaru dealership, Subaru has taken a serious effort this time to mitigate the level of engine noise in the cabin of its 2018 model of Crosstrek. There is a sound-insulated windshield on the Premium and Limited trims and the glass gets thicker in combination with the additional sound-deadening material to maintain the calm and serene surrounding. The A-pillars look slim with large front glass area that gets you excellent visibility. For an all-day drive comfort the seats make you feel at home with plenty of space to stretch.

The space for the passenger volume measures 101 cubic feet that makes loading of cargo much easier. The hatch opening got increased by four inches along with the distance between the wheelhouses, to allow pushing in bulky cargo materials with ease.

Fuel Efficiency

The 2018 Subaru Crosstrek with the automatic6-speed manual transmission can pump up a horsepower of 152 @ 6000 rpm and a torque of145 lb. ft @ 4000 rpm. With the help of a continuously variable automatic transmission that works in pair with a manual shifting mode theCrosstrek couldearn an EPA rating for its fuel-economy that counts 25 mpg when combined, 29 in city and 23 in the highway.



To ensure a safe and sound journey with the least possible hazard for both the driver and the passengers, the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek installed the best possible technological support. To start with we see a 6.5-inch touchscreen infotainment system in the center of the instrument cluster that is well integrated with the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, a set of rearview cameras, pairs of 17-inch wheels and lot more for the premium trims.

Driving Impressions

The 2018 Subaru Crosstrek can boast of a solid foundation that is functional in delivering that comfortable a ride. Its off-road drivingcapability comes as a pleasant surprise withinsuch an affordable pricing.In the market of compact-crossover, the Crosstrek plays a role of a formidable player. In that sense the model is not for those who are after a turbocharged model, but even then, the market has accepted the Subaru Crosstrek with its current powertrain with ease, as that serves the purpose of daily commute and long road trips without any hitch.From the best Subaru dealer near Kearny Mesa, we came to know that the revised throttle has eliminated the jumpy feeling during off road driving. The engine stays smooth all the way, even with a sudden acceleration.

The Bottom Line

Overall the 2018 Subaru Crosstrek runs smooth on the road providing a great ride through comfort and entertainment for all. But to stay ahead of competition we would certainly expect an upgrade in the engine that can match its otherwise appreciable handling.

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